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Hello.  I am Mary O’Dowd, Commissioner of New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services.  As a public health official and mom, I am concerned about children who are exposed to second hand smoke. 

It takes a community to protect the health of our children, and cigarettes contain thousands of dangerous chemicals that are especially harmful to infants and young children. Some of the chemicals in secondhand smoke are poisonous and known to cause serious illnesses such as cancer. 

As a parent, grandparent, friend or neighbor, you can help protect kids from secondhand smoke by asking people never to smoke around children. 

There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke.  Children exposed to secondhand smoke are more likely to have severe asthma attacks, bronchitis, painful ear infections and pneumonia.

Secondhand smoke can also cause sudden infant death syndrome. 

New Jersey has taken action to protect the public from secondhand smoke by enacting a law banning indoor smoking at work and public places like restaurants, schools and shopping malls.  More than 100 local governments have banned outdoor smoking by enacting smokefree air ordinances that protect children and families in places like public parks, beaches and playgrounds.

Every parent wants to keep their kids safe from harm.  You can do your part by telling people to never smoke around children.

If you smoke, quit now – and if you need help quitting visit or call 1-866-NJSTOPS.
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