Colorectal Cancer In New Jersey
Executive Summary
Statistical Trends
   General Information
   Colorectal Cancer
Colorectal Cancer in NJ
   Stage at Diagnosis
   Colorectal Cancer Subsites
Compared with US
Technical Notes
   I: Screening
   II: Figures And Tables

Cancer Epidemiology Services
March, 2001

Donald T. DiFrancesco
Acting Governor

Christine Grant

Prepared by:
Stephanie M. Hill
Lisa M. Roche, M.P.H., Ph.D.
Judith B. Klotz, M.S., Dr.P.H.
Susan Van Loon, R.N., CTR
Betsy A. Kohler, M.P.H., CTR
Toshi Abe, M.S.W., CTR

New Jersey Department of Health

James S. Blumenstock
Senior Assistant Commissioner
Pubic Health Protection and Prevention

Eddy A. Bresnitz, M.D., M.S.
State Epidemiologist/Assistant Commissioner

Cancer Surveillance Program
Cancer Epidemiology Services
P.O. Box 369
Trenton, NJ 08625-0369
(609) 588-3500

This report is available in PDF format.


The following staff of the New Jersey State Cancer Registry and other programs of Cancer Epidemiology Services were involved in the collection, quality assurance and preparation of the data on incident cases of cancer, including colorectal cancer, in New Jersey:

Toshi Abe MSW, CTR Henry C. Lewis, MPH
Anne Marie Anepete, CTR Helen Martin, CTR
Pamela Beasley Kevin Masterson, CTR
Stasia Burger, MS, CTR Patricia McGorry
Greg Charland John Murphy, CTR
Kathy Diszler Barbara Pingitor
Thomas P. English, CTR Maithili Patnaik
Lorraine Fernbach, CTR Diana Ricigliano
Ruthann Filipowicz Karen Robinson, CTR
Maria Halama, MD, CTR Antonio Savillo, MD, CTR
Marilyn Hansen, CTR Suzanne Schwartz, MS, CTR
Joan Hess, RN, CTR William F. Skinner, MS
Margaret Hodnicki, RN, CTR Celia Troisi, CTR
Susan Jacobs Rachel Weinstein, PhD
Linda Johnson, CTR Helen Weiss, RN, CTR
Catherine Karnicky Michael Wellins

Homer Wilcox III

We acknowledge Ken O'Dowd, Ph.D., from the Center for Health Statistics, New Jersey Department of Health, who provided data on colorectal cancer screening from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.

We also acknowledge New Jersey hospitals, laboratories, physicians, dentists, and the states of Delaware, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland who reported cancer cases to the New Jersey State Cancer Registry.

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