Office of Cancer Control and Prevention

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New Jersey Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan, 2008-2012

Comprehensive Cancer
Entire Document [pdf 10mb]

Executive Summary   [pdf 279kb]
Burden of Cancer in New Jersey    [pdf 286kb]
Section I. Overarching
Chapter 1. Advocacy   [pdf 387kb]
Chapter 2. Nutrition and Physicial Activity   [pdf 654kb]
Chapter 3. Palliation   [pdf 473kb]
Section II. Site-Specific Cancers
Chapter 4. Breast Cancer   [pdf 985kb]
Chapter 5. Childhood Cancer   [pdf 677kb]
Chapter 6. Colorectal Cancer   [pdf 646kb]
Chapter 7. Gynecological Cancer   [pdf 1mb]
Chapter 8. Lung Cancer   [pdf 774kb]
Chapter 9. Melanoma   [pdf 596kb]
Chapter 10. Oral and Oropharyngeal Cancer   [pdf 590kb]
Chapter 11. Prostate Cancer   [pdf 591kb]
Section III. The Future of Cancer Control and Prevention in New Jersey
Chapter 12. Implementation   [pdf 985kb]
Chapter 13. Evaluation   [pdf 331kb]
Chapter 14. Emerging Trends   [pdf 612kb]
Appendix A Mission Statement   [pdf 111kb]
Appendix B. The New Jersey Cancer Education
and Early Detection (NJCEED) Program
  [pdf 112kb]
Appendix C. Screening Guideline and Resources   [pdf 111kb]