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Welcome to New Jersey's official source for cancer statistics, Cancer-Rates.Info/NJ. Our Web application provides cancer incidence and mortality data for New Jersey displayed in maps, tables, and graphs. Statewide and county-level cancer incidence data are available by cancer site, gender, race, and ethnicity. Similar data are available for cancer mortality. Additionally, statewide age-specific incidence and mortality data are presented. Data for both incidence and mortality are available from diagnosis year 1990 to the most recent year of complete data.

Interactive Cancer DataCancer-Rates.Info/NJ has been recently updated from the old static system of 3 "frames" (sub-units) within a single window (which housed the application's maps, graphs and tables), to a more dynamic, Java-enhanced, full page format that combines the maps and data tables. Graphs and other data tables, when selected from the bottom tool bar, will open up in a separate window. The best way to view this application is at full screen. The older version of this application is still available and can be accessed by clicking the Menu icon in the top right corner of the screen, then under Settings, click on “Use the old”.

Though our Web application is generally very user friendly, you may wish to first review the Help Topics. These can also be found by clicking on the Menu icon in the top right hand corner of the screen and locating the listings under Help. Tutorials for our updated application are being developed and will be available in the near future. If needed, the tutorial for the "old Cancer-Rates.Info" is still available.[pdf 452k]

Additional cancer data, statistics, and reports are available on our Web site. If you need assistance with this web application, require additional cancer data or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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