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1998 Municipality-Level Deaths by Selected Characteristics

Resident deaths by age, race, sex, and underlying cause of death for 335 New Jersey Municipalities and 90 groups of municipalities (Microsoft Excel - 263K) More municipalities added.

For residents of certain municipalities and groups of municipalities in the State of New Jersey, death data have been tabulated by the following characteristics:

Cause of death

Data are presented for the 335 municipalities in which the quality of death certificate data on residence is sufficient. These “releasable” municipalities are located primarily in the northeastern region of the state. The degree to which incorrect information on municipality of residence has been recorded on death certificates is not precisely known, but is generally a problem only in certain minor civil divisions. Therefore, death data for the 231 municipalities believed to have a relatively high level of uncertainty in allocation of municipality are presented in groups based on an analysis of corrected residence data on birth certificates. For additional information on the problem, go to: For additional information on the solution, go to:

For those municipalities which are displayed, small cell values (i.e., n<5) are suppressed along with complementary cells if necessary. This is in accordance with the data release policy of the New Jersey Department of Health and the Center for Health Statistics. Suppressed cells are indicated with an asterisk (*). To receive suppressed data, a request must be approved by the Department's Institutional Review Board (IRB):

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Municipality data are arranged by county. To view the corresponding state and county data, go to:

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