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New Jersey Health Statistics

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As of the 2005 data year, NJSHAD Indicator Reports replaced the New Jersey Health Statistics (NJHS) series.  The indicators are categorized based on NJHS reports for ease of use.  Check NJSHAD for more recent data or to create customized tables and graphs of state, county, and municipality-level health data.  Population estimates are maintained by the State Data Center.

New Jersey Health Statistics was the annual vital events report series of the Center for Health Statistics from the data year 1962 to 2004. Prior to 1962, vital events summaries were published as part of a department-wide annual report.  NJHS reports contain annual data summaries of births, deaths, marriages, and population for the State of New Jersey, and its counties.  Pre-1989 NJHS reports also contain municipality-level data.  Visit New Jersey Health Statistics from 1877 to 2000: An Historical Electronic Compendium of Published Reports for reports prior to 1999.

Data Year 2005+ 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999
Table of Contents SHAD HTML HTML
Preface and Highlights   129k 59k 383k 2m 229k  304k
Births SHAD 2.4m 1.4m
1.1m 743k
Infant and Fetal Deaths SHAD 306k 165k 3.3m 1.6m 2m 795k
Deaths SHAD 4m 2.1m
2m 795k
Marriages, Divorces, and Domestic Partnerships 100k, SHAD 135k 32k
251k 256k
Population 72K, NJSCD 31k 80k 66k 65k 71k 635k
Technical Notes, References, and Data Sources SHAD 312K 244K  353k 307k  294k 242k


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