New Jersey’s State Health Assessment

Healthy New Jersey 2010 (HNJ2010) provided the foundation for the development of New Jersey’s State Health Assessment (NJSHA).  HNJ2010 was launched in 2001 as a set of health objectives that New Jersey aimed to achieve over the first decade of the new century.  The HNJ2010 baseline data and targets were published in 2001 and a data update was released in 2005.

The purpose of the New Jersey State Health Assessment is to

  • describe the health status of the population,
  • identify areas for health improvement,
  • determine factors that contribute to poor health outcomes, and
  • define assets and resources that can be mobilized to achieve overall population health goals.  

The development of the NJSHA required a collaborative process of collecting and analyzing data and information for use in educating and mobilizing communities, developing priorities, garnering resources, planning actions to improve the population’s health, and providing the New Jersey Department of Health and the population it serves with a sound basis for decision-making and action.  

The NJSHA was conducted in partnership with other organizations and includes data and information on

  • demographics,
  • socioeconomic characteristics,
  • quality of life,
  • behavioral factors,
  • the environment,
  • morbidity and mortality, and
  • other social or state determinants of health status.

New Jersey State Health Assessment is a two volume set.  Volume 1[pdf 1.9mb] is a 50-page report that gives an overview and summary of the assessment.  Volume 2[pdf 2.6mb] is a 160-page Chartbook that includes trend data tables and graphs for each of the 126 Healthy New Jersey 2010 objectives.

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