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New Jersey Health Statistics


Priority Area
Prevent, Detect and Control Cardiovascular and Other Vascular Diseases



The death rate from coronary heart disease (CHD) has been decreasing in New Jersey and in the nation for more than 20 years. However, CHD remains the leading cause of death both in the state and in the country. The age-adjusted death rates for coronary heart disease for minorities and the total population are similar and are decreasing at about the same rate. In view of the decline in both total and minority age-adjusted death rates from CHD, it is likely that the objectives for both the total and minority populations of all ages will be reached. Death rates from CHD among 45 through 64 year olds differ for minority and total populations. Although minority death rates from this cause are higher than in the total population, the pattern of decline in the rate is similar in both groups: the total and minority rates have met their year 2000 objectives.




The long-term trend in cerebrovascular disease death rates has been a pattern of decrease, but these rates differ dramatically by race and age. When adjusted for age, minority death rates are higher than age-adjusted rates for all races, but the gap is narrowing. In the age group 45 through 64, minority rates are approaching the rate in the total population more slowly. Stroke mortality rates among persons 65 and over are more than thirteen times as high as in the total population 45 through 64 years of age. The age-adjusted rate for minorities met its target in 1997. The total population age-adjusted rate and the rates for 45 through 64 year olds (total and minority) are each nearly at their targets. It appears likely, given recent trends, that the year 2000 targets will be met for these groups. The rate for the population 65 and over is not decreasing quickly enough to achieve its target by 2000.

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