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New Jersey Health Statistics

Priority Area
Prevent and Control Injuries



The age-adjusted motor vehicle-related fatality rate for the total population has declined in recent years and has more than met the year 2000 objective since 1990. Relatively high death rates are found in the young (15 through 24 years) and elderly (70 years and older) age groups. Positive findings are that the fatality rate among 15 through 24 year olds has decreased over the period and now meets the year 2000 target. The fatality rate in the elderly population has been higher than in 15 through 24 year olds since 1989, has been rising consistently since 1994, and will not meet the year 2000 objective if current trends continue.


The homicide death rate among minority males aged 15 through 44 has fluctuated widely and, after meeting the target in 1994 and then rising in 1995, the rate in 1997 was again below the target. It appears likely that the year 2000 target can be achieved. The homicide death rate among minority females in this age group has shown a slightly decreasing pattern during the past twelve years and also appears likely to achieve the year 2000 objective.

The death rate from suicide among white males 65 years and over was so far below the original year 2000 objective set in 1991, that a more ambitious target was set. Since 1994, the rate has stabilized at a level slightly above the target and it is unlikely that the revised target will be met. Although the suicide death rate in 15 through 24 year olds increased in 1992 and 1993 after meeting the year 2000 target, the rate met its target again in 1996 and 1997. The overall trend in recent years has been downward and if it continues, it is likely that the year 2000 target will be met.

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