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NJ Health Statistics


This report presents selected New Jersey vital and health statistics for the calendar year 1997. The report includes statistics on natality, mortality, marriages, divorces and morbidity. In addition, population estimates for the state and each county, distributed by age, race and sex, as well as estimates of the state's Hispanic population distributed by age, race and sex are presented. Except where noted, data on births, deaths, and fetal deaths include all reported resident events of these types, regardless of the state of occurrence. Transfer among the states of information on resident births, deaths and fetal deaths is effected through participation in the national Vital Statistics Cooperative Program. Marriage and divorce data encompass all of these events occurring in New Jersey, but do not include marriages and divorces of New Jersey residents that occurred outside the state. Data definitions and limitations are discussed in the Technical Notes Section of the report.

Data tables in this report are presented in the most frequently requested formats. Where feasible, the data are distributed by demographic variables, such as age, race, and sex and by county of residence. The report also contains natality and mortality data for selected municipalities of residence.

The accuracy of the data contained in this report depends on the completeness and validity of the information recorded on the various vital records. Statistics on births, deaths, fetal deaths and marriages summarize the contents of the respective data files as of the time of preparation of the various chapters. Additions, deletions, and corrections made after that date are not reflected in the report.

Population estimates included in this report were prepared by the U.S. Bureau of the Census and were provided to the Center for Health Statistics by the New Jersey State Department of Labor. An explanation of the methodology used to develop the estimates is contained in the population chapter of the report.

The Center for Health Statistics (CHS) staff is available to answer questions regarding the content and use of the data in this report. Data portions of this report, as well as other health-related data, are available at the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Service's Web site. Additional statistics not included in the report or on the Internet may be obtained through request to the Center, although there may be a charge to cover the cost of providing the data. Questions or requests should be addressed to the following:

New Jersey Department of Health
Center for Health Statistics
Room 405
PO Box 360
Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0360

Telephone: (609) 984-6702

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