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Update Healthy New Jersey 2000
Second Update and Review


Objectives For Which Achievement Is Uncertain

Priority Area 1

  • Increase life expectancy at birth for minorities and the white population.

  • Establishment of risk assessments in publicly funded clinics.

Priority Area 2

  • Increase in the percentage of women abstaining from alcohol during pregnancy.

  • Reduction in infant death rate for blacks.

Priority Area 3

  • Decrease the percentage of high school students who have used alcohol.

  • Reduction in alcohol-related motor vehicle fatality rate for youth aged 15 through 19.

Priority Area 4

  • Reduction in the cervical cancer death rate for all females.

Priority Area 5

  • Reduction in cerebrovascular disease death rates for minorities aged 45-64, persons aged 45-64, and the total population.

  • Reduction in end stage-renal disease rate for blacks.

  • Increase the number of persons aged 18 and over who participated in physical activity.

Priority Area 6

  • Decrease the incidence of AIDS among black non-Hispanic females, aged 15-44, and Hispanic females, aged 15-44.

Priority Area 7

  • Reduction in the incidence of congenital syphilis for minorities.

  • Reduction in the incidence of gonorrhea for the total population.

  • Reduction in the incidence of chlamydia for the total population.

Priority Area 8

  • Increase in immunization levels for measles in children by age two.

  • Increase in immunization for Hepatitis-B in infants of surface-antigen positive women treated in publicly funded clinics.

Priority Area 9

  • Reduction in death rate from falls for people aged 85 and over.

  • Reduction in homicide death rates among minority males aged 15-44, and females aged 15-44.

Priority Area 10

  • Reduction in work-related hospitalizations for acute lung diseases.

  • Increase the number of hazardous waste sites evaluated for potential human exposure pathways.

Priority Area 11

  • Reduction in the percentage of high school students who have used alcohol.

  • Reduction in drug-related death rate.

  • Increase in the number of addicted persons treated annually for drugs other than alcohol.

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