Office of Commissioner

  1. Chief of Staff

    Chief of Staff

    Gregory Myer
    Chief of Staff

    Reporting to the Commissioner of Health, the Chief of Staff (COS) provides leadership to a team of senior managers supporting 6,100 employees, three major branches, ten divisions, 14 offices, and four commissions. The COS has oversight of the executive management team that is responsible for administrative, financial and facility management; internal and external communications; boards and commissions; ethics compliance; data privacy; Diversity and Equity services; human resources, recruitment and training; legislative and constituent services; legal and regulatory compliance; and a combined State/Federal budget of $1 billion.

  2. Deputy Chief of Staff

    Deputy Chief of Staff

    Victoria Brogan
    Deputy Chief of Staff

    The Deputy Chief of Staff facilitates the operations of the Department and provides management support to the executive management team to ensure that the organization has the appropriate operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, and resources to effectively implement policies and manage an extensive and comprehensive array of services and programs. The executive management team is responsible for administrative, financial and facility management; communications; boards and commissions; ethics; EEO/AA services; human resources, recruitment and training; legislative and constituent services; and legal and regulatory compliance.

  3. Management and Administration

    Management and Administration

    Eric Anderson
    Division Director

    Management and Administration supports the operational programs of the Department of Health. It is responsible for planning and directing the Department's annual budget request, monitoring department accounts, overseeing accounting and purchasing activities, federal funds management, grant management, auditing, accounting, administrative and facility operations, facilitating the success of the operating divisions within the Department. The Division has four service units: the Budget & Financial Planning,  Accounting & Procurement, Administrative Services and Grants & Auditing. Its operating budget is approximately $1.7 billion, comprised of state and federal funding along with revenues received from fees and fines.

  4. Diversity and Equity Services

    Diversity and Equity Services

    Frank Maimone
    Director/ EE/AA Officer

    The Office of Diversity and Equity Services ensures that all employees, applicants for employment and persons conducting business with the Department of Health encounter an environment that is free from prohibited discrimination or harassment in accordance with the New Jersey State Policy Prohibiting Discrimination in the Workplace and promotes a work environment that embraces the ideals of equality, dignity and respect.

  5. Human Resources Services

    Human Resources Services

    Loreta Sepulveda

    Provides assistance and guidance to management and employees of the Department regarding personnel administration in the public sector.

  6. Legislative Services

    Legislative Services

    Victoria Brogan
    Director of Legislative Services

    Legislative Services serves as liaison with the Governor's office and in legislative matters relating to the Department of Health’s mission. During each legislative session, the Office is charged with tracking and assessing legislation, policy, and regulatory issues of importance to the Department. The Office serves as the principal contact and coordinator for all Department interaction with the Legislature and its staff. It assists in solving constituent issues for legislative and government offices, in consulting and corresponding with other government officials, and works with both industry representatives and the general public to explain and receive comments on policy proposals as well as existing policies.

  7. Communications


    Donna Leusner

    The Office of Communications provides strategic internal and external communications, partnering with the major branches and offices of the Department to cover a wide range of issues related to public health, communicable disease, health care systems and financing, prevention and wellness. The Office of Communications works with news media from local, national, and international media outlets to share information essential to improving the health of New Jersey’s communities, connect the public with important information and services, and maintain transparency. As a matter of policy, all media inquiries and interview requests are answered within the Office of Communications. In addition to issuing traditional news releases, news advisories and public notices, DOH is strengthening its real-time communication channels.

  8. Legal and Regulatory Compliance

    Legal and Regulatory Compliance

    Joy Lindo
    Division Director

    Legal and Regulatory Compliance provides research, review, drafting, analysis, and guidance on the substance of the statutes and rules governing the Department of Health’s responsibilities. The Office advises management and staff on a range of topics including contracts, data use and confidentiality, employment and personnel matters, open public record requests, public health preparedness and response, and regulatory compliance and enforcement. The Office cannot provide advice to the general public.

  9. Advisory Boards, Councils, and Commissions

    Advisory Boards, Councils, and Commissions

    Victoria Brogan
    Deputy Chief of Staff

    The boards and commissions offer opportunities related to Department policy, regulations, and programs. Appointments are made by the Governor, which may require the Advice and Consent of the State Senate, while others are made by the Direct Appointment of the Governor. In addition, there are several Department Advisory Boards, in which the Commissioner appoints members.

Last Reviewed: 10/31/2017