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Error identified - Broselow Tape 2007 Edition A

The following information has been identified as an error in this product and should be corrected as soon as possible.

There is a "typo" error on the Broselow Tape 2007 Edition A.
The error states that the glucagon dosage for children 3-4-5 kg thru white zones should be 0.5mg/kg/dose;
for children that fall within the blue through green zones the error states that the dosage should be 1 mg/kg/dose with maximum dose of 1 mg.

Please make the following corrections to your Broselow Tape 2007 Edition A.
Please black out the kg/dose for both of these glucagon dosages on the tape.

The dosages for glucagon should read:
Glucagon 0.5 mg (3-4-5 kg thru white zones)
and 1 mg (blue thru green zones) (max. dose 1 mg).

The Broselow Tape 2007 Edition B does NOT have this error.


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