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NJ Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

The New Jersey Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, in the New Jersey Department of Health, is dedicated to good health, nutrition, regular physical activity and recreation. The Council is comprised of volunteers from a myriad of professional constituencies that represent a cross-section of wellness, fitness, sports and nutrition agencies and entities throughout New Jersey.

The mission of the New Jersey Council on Physical Fitness and Sports is to improve the quality of life for all individuals in New Jersey through the promotion of wellness, physical fitness, sports and healthy lifestyles by fostering and supporting programs and actions dedicated to health, nutrition, recreation and physical activity.


Established in 1999, The New Jersey Council on Physical Fitness and Sports (NJCPFS) is a legislated, 16 member, Governor appointed advisory Council within the NJ DOH.  NJCPFS is dedicated to health, nutrition, wellness and recreation and is charged with developing safe, healthful and enjoyable physical fitness and sports programs. 

The Council works to promote public awareness and to ensure that all citizens of New Jersey have the opportunity to pursue a more healthful lifestyle through the Leaders' Academy and Healthy Community Development mini-grants. 


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Leaders’ Academy

One of the primary efforts of the NJCPFS is the one-day annual Leaders' Academy, which focuses on health departments, educators, mayors, health educators, planners, residents- anyone interested in healthy communities. 

The purpose of the Leaders Academy is to motivate, activate and energize communities to make healthy changes at the community level and improve public health by decreasing obesity and its associated diseases.  Healthy changes that can work include:

  • increasing physical activity
  • improving diets
  • physical changes in the built environment
  • smarter planning that encourage rather than hinder physical activity


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Healthy Community Development

The NJCPFS offers ten to 20 mini-grant awards ($2,500-$10,000) each year to municipalities. Through a competitive application process, community teams apply for mini-grants to implement projects related to obesity prevention.

In late 2012, seven municipalities or community-based organizations received funding to implement physical activity or healthy food strategies in their communities towards the goal of reducing obesity. These grantees are part of a larger ShapingNJ Community Grant project.

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