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 Did you know...
  • People are spending more time than ever before at work, resulting in our worksites playing a large part in our overall health?
  • Many women return to work shortly after giving birth, however, a majority of workplaces do not offer accommodations for breastfeeding women to express milk at work?    

  • The Children's Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative provides companies that advertise foods and beverages to children with a way to shift their advertising so that they encourage healthy food and beverage choices?
  • An unhealthy workforce impacts employers' bottom lines?
    • Poor health among workers is associated with workers being absent, being less productive at work, and costing employers more in health care costs.
  • Worksite wellness programs improve employee health and increase worker productivity?
  • On average, for every $1 an employer spends on worksite wellness programs, they save $3.48?
ShapingNJ Strategies

All agencies and organizations are worksites or businesses and can encourage or participate in activities that make healthy food and physical activity easy for New Jerseyans. 

Encourage New Jersey businesses to accommodate breastfeeding women.

  • The Business Case for Breastfeeding, a resource that educates employers about the benefits of worksite programs, including providing a space for women to express milk, should be distributed widely.

Encourage the food and beverage industry to engage in advertising that promotes healthy eating for children, in partnership with the New Jersey Food Council, the New Jersey Better Business Bureau and others.

  • Expand participation among New Jersey companies in the voluntary Children's Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative of the national Better Business Bureau.  
  • Create a customized initiative for New Jersey that covers all forms of advertising and targets local and regional food retailers who have a significant presence in the state.

Disseminate model worksite wellness policies and programs to the business community. 

  • Promote health screenings, increased options for healthy food and physical activity and weight loss counseling in the workplace.
  • Highlight improvements in employee health and financial benefits for employers.
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Highlights and Accomplishments

ShapingNJ is working to make healthy food and physical activity accessible in worksites and business. Some highlights include:

  • NJ ONF partnered with researchers at Montclair State University in 2011 to conduct a survey of NJ hospitals to collect baseline data about lactation support programs.
  • Cooper University Hospital created a lactation support room in the hospital for employees and hospital visitors to use.
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