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Indoor Environmental Health Assessment (IEHA) in Educational Facilities Submission Process

Under some circumstances, educational facilities will require an IEHA to be conducted by a licensed consultant when there are renovations, remodeling, additions, conversions, demolitions, etc. taking place.  Educational facilities include any K-12 public, private or charter school.  The Local Construction Official (LCO) will determine if the work being done in the educational facility will require a Department of Health (DOH) Safe building Interior Certification.  A DOH certification may be required prior to the beginning of any construction or demolition or prior to issuing a certificate of occupancy (CO).  If your LCO has required you to obtain a DOH certification, please contact the DOH for more information on how to proceed.

Educational facilities which fall into one or more of the following categories may have to acquire a Safe Building Interior Certification from the DOH:

  • The educational facility is in a building constructed prior to 1979.
  • The prior or current use of the building and/or property was/is used for industrial, storage, or other high hazard purpose. This includes being used as a nail salon, a dry cleaner or a gas station. These categories may be is classified as Groups B, S, F and H as defined by the Uniform Construction Code (UCC).
  • The location is on a contaminated site or on a property where contamination is suspected.
  • The educational facility is referred to the Department of Health (DOH) by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Department of Education, or a local construction official (LCO), due to a prior or current use of the building or property which is of concern.
  • The educational facility is co-located in a building with a dry cleaner and/or nail salon.

IEHA Forms and Submission Process

Form A: Submission Information (CEHS-1), must be signed by a licensed consultant. Indoor Environmental Health Assessments (IEHAs), forms, and data submitted to the DOH should be submitted electronically. They can also be placed on a compact disc and mailed to the address below:

NJ Department of Health
Consumer, Environmental, and Occupational Health Service
Indoor Environments Program
P.O. Box 369
Trenton, NJ 08625-0369

NOTE: If the IEHA packet will be e-mailed, a certified check, money order (made payable to "NJ Department of Health”) or e-payment (no cash, personal checks or company checks will be accepted), in the amount of $1500 must be submitted. When mailing the check, it must be attached to a hardcopy of Form A: Submission Information (CEHS-1).

The following forms are required to be completed and submitted:

Form A: Submission Information (CEHS-1) [pdf 33k] [doc 64k]
Form B: Historical Uses of Building (CEHS-2) [pdf 15k] [doc 52k]
Form C: Condition of Building Components (CEHS-3) [pdf 11k] doc 34k]
Form D: Heating and Cooling (CEHS-4) [pdf 9k] [doc 33k]
Form E: Water and Sewer (CEHS-5) [pdf 9k] [doc 32k]
Form F: Hazardous Substances (CEHS-6) [pdf 23k] [doc 63k]
Form G: Sampling (CEHS-7) [pdf 13k] [doc 82k]
Form H: Conclusions and Recommendations
[pdf 12k] [doc 45k]


Department of Health

P. O. Box 360, Trenton, NJ 08625-0360
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