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Technical Assistance Resources - Mold

Mold Guidelines for New Jersey Residents
[Double-sided booklet pdf 589k] [single sided [pdf 596k]

Below are lists of consultants, laboratories, remediation firms and trade groups who provide various Environmentally-related services. Also listed are related advisory bulletins.


These lists are being provided as a service to residents of New Jersey. These companies are available for obtaining environmental health services in residences. The New Jersey Department of Health (DOH) DOES NOT ENDORSE OR QUALIFY the work or services provided by these private companies.

There are no State certification programs for companies performing mold or general indoor air and/or environmental health services. These lists are not inclusive and other environmental companies or organizations may provide these services. If you have questions or comments regarding these listings, please refer to the Indoor Environments Contacts page for information on how to contact the DOH.

Industry Resources

  • Environmental Consultants [pdf 58k]
    This is a list of Environmental Consultants who provide mold and other indoor air and environmental health services in residential dwellings. These companies may also perform additional environmental health testing and investigative services for contaminants such as asbestos containing materials, lead-based paint and radon.

  • Laboratories
    This is a list of laboratories who have expertise in microbiology for mold and bacterial analysis. These laboratories may also provide analytical services for other indoor environmental contaminants.

  • Remediation Firms [pdf 46k]
    This is a list of remediation firms who perform mold remediation and clean-up services.

  • Trade Groups [pdf 47k]
    This is a list of trade groups who provide additional information and resources on indoor environmental health or indoor air quality.

Advisories and Bulletins

Additional Links

For additional information, please refer to the Indoor Air Quality Related Links page.

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