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Purpose and Requirements

NJAC 8:52, Public Health Practice Standards of Performance for Local Boards of Health In New Jersey requires that each board of health register annually with the New Jersey Department of Health, Office of Local Public Health. The purpose of registering is to provide information on the local public health governance structure and its operation, local and statewide. The completion of the registration form should be the combined effort of the local board of health and its health officer.


The Board of Health Registration is an online reporting form that must be completed through the State’s “My New Jersey” Portal. Health Officers or their designees must be registered to use the portal in order to gain access to that section of the site containing both the Board of Health Registration and Local Health Evaluation Report (LHER). First time users or Health Officers that have changed positions will need to contact Adrienne Brown at Office of Local Public Health by email to initiate the process of obtaining an authentication code. An authentication code is needed before entry is granted. Once the code has been obtained, follow these instructions for accessing instructions on using the NJPortal.

  • Each Health Officer is responsible for gathering and entering the information for all the boards, including all contracting boards, within his or her jurisdiction.
  • For departments serving multiple municipalities but have a single board of health, information related to that board should be entered once using the municipality location where the department is physically located. For example, when a county health department or regional health commission is answerable to a centralized board of health (even though participating municipalities may convene governance meetings for their own purposes) information related to the board of health providing the health department’s ultimate authority is entered once.
  • County health departments and multi-municipal departments not having a constituted single board of health must enter information for all the individual boards within its jurisdiction.

All information entered on the Board of Health Registration on-line forms is to be current as of the date of completion. This will allow newly appointed board members to be registered even though their appointment may have occurred subsequent to January the first.


Helpful Hints

1. An email address is required in Section 1 related to municipal information. The system will accept none@none.none in instances where the entity does not have an email address.

2. In the Membership Profile section, the titles of office holders may not apply if the governing body is acting as the board of health. These fields are not required and may be bypassed.

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