Medicinal Marijuana Program

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Caregivers - Do I Qualify?

A qualified patient may identify a primary caregiver, who will be registered with the Medicinal Marijuana Program (MMP).  Upon registration and approval by MMP staff, a primary caregiver will be able to pick up the qualifying patient's allotment of medicinal marijuana from the patient’s registered Alternative Treatment Center.

All primary caregivers must register with the New Jersey Medicinal Marijuana Program and submit a required fingerprint submission and background check.

To become a patient’s primary caregiver, you must:

  • Be a New Jersey resident
  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Agree to assist a qualifying patient with the medical use of marijuana
  • Is not currently serving as a primary caregiver for another qualifying patient
  • Is not the patient’s physician
  • Must submit to a criminal history/background check

A minor patient may qualify for a reduced application fee under their legal guardian/caregiver’s government assistance eligibility.

Note: the patient must initiate the caregiver registration; caregivers must be registered on the MMP registry during or after the time of patient registration. The relationship for patients and caregivers must be a 1:1 ratio.


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