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  January 14, 2002


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DHSS Announces Public Regulations on Body Art Procedures


TRENTON - The New Jersey Public Health Council today approved the state's first-ever regulations that will increase the licensing and governing of facilities that offer body art procedures, including tattoos, permanent lip or eyebrow coloring and body piercing, making these procedures safer for the public.

The regulations, approved by the Public Health Council as part of the State Sanitary Code on a unanimous (7-0) vote, will go into effect upon their publication in the New Jersey Register. The rule is expected to be included in the publication's February 19, 2002 edition.

To comply with the new body art procedures, individuals wishing to locate or construct facilities that will provide permanent cosmetics, tattooing or ear or body piercing to the public must now obtain prior written approval from local health departments. In addition, all body art facilities will be required to adhere to strict health and safety standards, including sterilization and disinfection procedures of re-usable instruments when performing body art procedures.

"With the passing of these regulations, New Jersey residents can be confident that body art facilities will now be held to proper safety and health standards," said Assistant Commissioner and State Epidemiologist Eddy Bresnitz, MD.

The regulations will also require body art establishments to obtain the written consent of a parent or legal guardian for all individuals under the age of 18 prior to receiving any body art procedure. In addition to the written consent of a parent or legal guardian for minors, all individuals are required to provide photo identification prior to receiving a body art procedure.

Additionally, the body art regulations establish uniform standards for the training and licensing requirements of body art owners, operators and apprentices. The DHSS included this provision because prior to implementing the body art regulations, no standard existed for the public or the body art industry to determine whether individuals who owned or operated body art facilities had received adequate training.

"These new training and licensing requirements will significantly raise the current standards among body art professionals and provide the public with an additional measure of confidence when deciding to have a procedure done for themselves or a family member," said Dr. Bresnitz.

Before the passage of today's regulations, there were no such statewide rules to address the public's concern regarding body piercing, tattooing and permanent cosmetics. The regulations were proposed as a result of concerns raised by parents of minor children, who wanted them to protect the health and safety of minors with regards to body art procedures.

In crafting the rules, the DHSS sought and received input from body art providers and from the local agencies that will enforce its provisions. The results of this consensus building process are sound, reasonable rules that will protect public health, said Dr. Bresnitz.

The Public Health Council is responsible for the State Sanitary Code and advises the New Jersey Commissioner of Health and Senior Services on matters related to the preservation and improvement of public health.

Additional information about the new Body Art Procedures may be obtained by calling the Department's Consumer and Environmental Health Services at (609) 588-3124 or by visiting the website at www.state.nj/health

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