Stakeholder Engagement and Empowerment
Stakeholder Engagement and Empowerment

Health IT Champion Program

What is the Health IT Champion Program?
The Health IT Champion idea first originated as a concept from the Consumer Advocacy and Quality Care Subcommittee focusing on consumer outreach.  The idea was further developed in the New Jersey Health IT Communication Plan as a way to engage and empower all stakeholder groups, and coordinate communication activities with them in the most effective way.

The primary objective of the HIT Champion Program is to make all New Jerseyans knowledgeable about electronic health records (EHRs), their benefits, and the capability for electronic exchange of health information in a private and secure environment.  The program capitalizes on NJ-HITEC’s existing physician outreach.  In addition, it provides Health IT Champions with the framework, tools, and materials (HIT KIT) needed to reach all of New Jersey's diverse stakeholder groups. The goal is through this coordinated "network of networks" approach, Health IT Champions will have the knowledge and information to educate their colleagues and communities on relevant health IT topics.

HIT KIT Materials

1. ONC / Federal Health IT Program Resources

2. NJ Health IT Program Resources

3. Theme 1: Introduction to EHRs

   Theme 2: EHR Adoption

Theme 3: Exchange & HIOs

4. Health IT Videos