New Jersey Save3Lives: All in a Day's Work


The New Jersey Workplace Blood Donor Coalition is a group of New Jersey business leaders and healthcare professionals who joined forces to reduce the state’s severe and chronic blood shortage.  The Coalition represents a partnership among public and private sector employers; and hospital, blood bank and business associations.  Their overall goal is to ensure that New Jersey has an adequate blood supply at all times by increasing workplace blood donations in the state.

The Coalition meets quarterly to develop strategies to support and enhance the effectiveness of workplace blood drives.  Raising awareness of the need to increase blood donation among New Jersey’s diverse ethnic employees is one of the Coalition’s primary objectives.  Certain rare and specific blood types are often in short supply. 

New Jersey is one of the most culturally diverse states in the nation.  There is a significant need for blood donations from people of all races and ethnicities.

Through the Save 3 Lives: All in a Day’s Work Campaign the Coalition is committed to:

  • Ensuring New Jersey has a self-sustaining blood supply (Vision)
  • Increasing the business community’s participation in successful blood donation drives (Mission)


    One pint of blood from a single donor may save 3 lives.
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