Office of Minority and Multicultural Health

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Advisory Commission Members

Public Law 1991, Chapter 401 permanently establishing the Office of Minority Health (OMMH) in the Office of the Commissioner of the Department of Health was signed into law in January of 1992. The Law also provided for the establishment of a New Jersey Office of Minority and Multicultural Health Advisory Commission.

The Commission has a capacity for 9 members, currently the meetings are on hold until further notice. However, the commission will meet to:

  • Review andmake recommendations to the NJ OMMH on any rules, regulations and policies proposed by the OMMH,
  • Advise the OMMH on the awarding of grants and the development of programs and services required under P.L. 1991. And advise on the needs, priorities, programs and policies related to minorities in New Jersey.
  • Provide other assistance to the Executive Director of OMMH as requested.

Advisory Commission

Denise Rodgers, M.D.  
Vice Chancellor 
Health Care Facility Representative

Ruppert A. Hawes, M.D.
Capital Health
Health Care Professional

Minnie Campbell, D.N.Sc., RN
Seton Hall University, College of Nursing
Health Care Professional

Alison D. Manning, M.S.
Horizon Blue Cross & Blue Shield of NJ
Health Insurance Industry/Representative

Tammeisha D. Smith, B.S.
Alamo Insurance Group, Inc.
Public Member

Deborah Williams, M.D., PhD.
Touro College of Pharmacy
Health Care Professional

Diane L. Zita, CPA
Hamilton Area YMCA
Public Member


Mary E. O' Dowd, M.P.H.

Department of Health
Ex officio

Contact Person:
Carolyn Daniels, DHSc
Executive Director

Office of Minority and Multicultural Health
(609) 292-6962


National Partnership for Action
National Partnership for Action