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PEOSH Indoor Air Quality

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PEOSH IAQ Standard

[pdf 28k]

The PEOSH Indoor Air Quality standard (N.J.A.C. 12:100-13) (2007) applies to matters relating to indoor air quality in existing buildings occupied by public employees during their regular working hours.

IAQ Public Employer's Guide and Model Written Program

[pdf 149k]

The IAQ Public Employer's Guide and Model Written Program is a comprehensive guidance document designed to assist public employers in complying with the requirements of the PEOSH IAQ standard (2007). The Model Written Program, sample checklists, and forms can be downloaded below in an editable format.

Model Written IAQ Program

[pdf 31k]

The Model Written IAQ Program is provided to illustrate how to develop a written program. The format and content of the model program must be modified to reflect the specific ventilation system(s) and administrative policies at each building.

IAQ Inspection Checklist

[pdf 25k]

[doc 123k]

The IAQ Inspection Checklist is provided to assist employers in understanding the requirements of the IAQ standard. Employers are encouraged to utilize this checklist to conduct a self-audit of their IAQ Compliance Program. This checklist is utilized by PEOSH compliance officers during IAQ inspections.

Sample Preventive Maintenance Log


[pdf 10k]

[doc 36k]

The Sample Preventive Maintenance Log is a sample of the basic format required under Section 13.6 of the IAQ standard. Copies of the completed log are required to be maintained for a period of three (3) years and must be available to PEOSH inspectors upon request.

Sample Renovation/ Construction Project IAQ Compliance Checklist

[pdf 17k]

[doc 40k]

The Sample Renovation/Construction Project IAQ Compliance Checklist is provided to assist employers in ensuring compliance with the IAQ standard during all phases of a renovation/construction project. Employers are encouraged to begin completing this checklist at the planning phase of a renovation/construction project. Completing this checklist will also serve as documentation of compliance with some requirements of the standard.

Renovation/Construction Project Employee Notification Form


[pdf 17k]

[doc 40k]

Employers are required to notify employees at least 24 hours prior to a renovation/construction project that may introduce air contaminants into their work area. A sample Renovation/ Construction Project Employee Notification Form is provided to assist employers in complying with the basic employee notification requirements of Section 13.5(c) of the IAQ standard.

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