Patient Safety Reporting System

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Patient Safety Newsletters, Alerts and Reports

Patient Safety Newsletters current information on Patient Safety and feedback to facilities about their reports/RCAs.

Patient Safety Alerts: critical issues for ensuring patient safety

Annual Reports: summarizes current year reporting in comparison to previous years and Patient Safety Initiative activities.

Color Codes for Patient Risk Factors:  Working in conjunction with the Department's Patient Safety Initiative, the New Jersey Hospital Association released a toolkit to standardize color-coded wristbands used across New Jersey health care facilities. There was no consistency across facilities in the use of color designations for clinical conditions. A task force composed of representatives from hospitals, long term care facilities ambulatory care settings, home health providers and emergency responders agreed on standardized colors and policies. The standard colors are:

allergy band


fall risk band

Fall Risk

 Latex Allergy band

Latex Allergy

Do Not Resuscitate band

Do Not Resuscitate

Restricted Limb band

Restricted Limb

The Standardizing Color Codes for Patient Risk Factors: Implementation Tool Kit includes training materials for staff, FAQ handouts for staff education, posters and other materials.