Atlantic Cape Community College - Community College
Accredited by: Middles States Association of Colleges and Schools
Carnegie Classification: Associate's--Public Rural-serving Large
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Degree LevelDegreeProgramCIP
Cert Achiev CertifAirplane Flight Instructor Certificate490108
Pre-Associate CertifComputer Security111003
  CertifBusiness Paraprofessional Management520299
  CertifHuman Services440000
  Cert. Ach.Web Design Professional521201
  Cert. Ach.Visual Communication Professional110301
  Cert. Ach.Educational Office Specialist520401
  Cert. Ach.Electronic Business Professional520201
  Cert. Ach.Small Business Management Specialist520201
  Cert. Ach.Commercial Pilot490102
  Cert. Ach.Computer Forensics Specialist110301
  Cert. Ach.Child Development Associate (CDA)240101
  Cert. Ach.Accounting Specialist520301
  Cert. Ach.Restaurant Supervision Professional520904
  Cert. Ach.Project Management520211
  Cert. Ach.Addiction Counseling Specialist440000
  Cert. Ach.Computerized Accounting Specialist520301
  Cert. Ach.Business Leadership Professional520201
  Cert. Ach.Android Programmer490102
  Cert. Ach.Records and Information Management Specialist520401
  Cert. Ach.Baking and Pastry Specialization120503
  Cert. Ach.Bilingual Office Assistant Specialist520401
  Cert. Ach.Media Production Specialist109999
  Cert. Ach.Catering Specialization120503
  Cert. Ach.Computer Security Specialist110301
  Cert. Ach.Civics Series240101
  Cert. Ach.Legal Office Specialist220302
  Cert. Ach.Human Resources Professional520201
  Cert. Ach.Medical Office Specialist520401
  Cert. Ach.Medical Office Specialist520401
  Cert. Ach.Hot Food Specialization120503
  Cert. Ach.Hospitality Marketing Professional520904
  Cert. Ach.Help Desk Specialist521201
  Cert. Ach.Office Professional Specialist520401
  Cert. Ach.Oracle SQL Programming and Database Design Specialist110201
  Cert. Ach.iPhone Programmer110201
  Cert. Ach.Geographic Information Systems Office Specialist110301
  Cert. Ach.Oracle Database and GIS Design Specialist110301
  Cert. Ach.PC Specialist521201
  Cert. Ach.Food Service Management Specialization120508
Associate A.A.Liberal Arts240101
  A.S.Business Administration520201
  A.S.General Studies240102
  A.S.Biomedical Science260102
  A.S.Computer Information Systems521201
  A.S.Aviation Studies490101
  A.S.Paralegal Studies220302
  A.S.Criminal Justice430107
  A.S.Environmental Science030104
  A.S.Science & Mathematics309999
  A.S.Environmental Science030104
  A.S.Health Services511199
  A.S.Human Services440000
  A.A.S.Hospitality Management520904
  A.A.S.Air Traffic Control Terminal490105
  A.A.S.Office Systems Technology520401
  A.A.S.Business Administration520201
  A.A.S.Respiratory Therapy (W/ Rutgers)510908
  A.A.S.New Media Studies090702
  A.A.S.Culinary Arts120503
  A.A.S.Technical Studies159999
  A.A.S.Baking and Pastry120501
  A.A.S.Paralegal Studies220302
  A.A.S.Radiologic Technology510911
  A.A.S.Computer Systems Support110301
  A.A.S.Food Service Management120508
  A.A.S.Computer Programming110201
Source: Office of the Secretary of Higher Education Degree Program Inventory, 4/27/2015 4:01:04 PM