Rowan College at Gloucester County - Community College
Accredited by: Middles States Association of Colleges and Schools
Carnegie Classification: Associate's--Public Suburban-serving Single Campus
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Degree LevelDegreeProgramCIP
Pre-Associate CertifComputer Graphic Arts - Game Interactive Design- Professional Development110803
  CertifEarly Childhood Education131209
  CertifConstruction Supervision- Professional Development151001
  CertifCivil Engineering Technology- Professional Development150201
  CertifComputer Graphic Arts: Print Design110803
  CertifAccounting - Professional Development520302
  CertifWeb Site Development For E-Commerce110801
  CertifWeb Site Development for E-Commerce- Professional Development110801
  CertifInformation Technology110201
Associate A.A.Arts & Sciences240101
  A.A.Health/Physical Education & Recreation131314
  A.S.Business Administration520201
  A.S.Human Development131001
  A.S.Arts & Sciences240101
  A.S.Marine Science261302
  A.S.Computer Science110701
  A.S.Engineering Science140101
  A.S.Exercise Science310505
  A.S.Equine Science010507
  A.S.Computer Information Systems110101
  A.A.S.Law Enforcement430107
  A.A.S.Information Technology110201
  A.A.S.Health Science510000
  A.A.S.Computer Graphic Arts: Game Interactive Design110803
  A.A.S.Technical Studies- STEM track159999
  A.A.S.Automotive Technology (FORD Asset)470604
  A.A.S.Web Site Development For E-Commerce110801
  A.A.S.Technical Studies- Business Track159999
  A.A.S.Engineering Technologies150201
  A.A.S.Diagnostic Medical Sonography510910
  A.A.S.Nursing: LPN - RN513801
  A.A.S.Nuclear Medicine Technology510905
  A.A.S.Marketing & Management521401
  A.A.S.Respiratory Therapy Joint Degree510908
Source: Office of the Secretary of Higher Education Degree Program Inventory, 4/27/2015 4:01:05 PM