Salem Community College - Community College
Accredited by: Middles States Association of Colleges and Schools
Carnegie Classification: Associate's--Public Suburban-serving Single Campus
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Degree LevelDegreeProgramCIP
Pre-Associate CertifSocial Services450101
  CertifPharmacy Technician510805
  CertifSustainable Energy Technology: Energy Auditor150503
  CertifBusiness Paraprofessional Management520499
  CertifSustainable Energy Technology: Solar Energy Technology150503
  CertifEmergency Services430203
  CertifPersonal Trainer340103
  CertifCase Management440799
  CertifSustainable Energy Technology150503
  CertifGlass Art500799
  CertifPractical Nursing513901
  CertifScientific Glassblowing Technology489999
  CertifIndustrial Design500404
  CertifAdministrative Assistant520401
  CertifMedical Coding510713
  CertifAllied Health510001
  Cert. Ach.Sustainable Energy Technology: Green Construction Technology150503
  Cert. Ach.Sustainable Energy Technology: Weatherization Technology150503
Associate A.A.Visual Arts-Glass Art500799
  A.A.Liberal Arts240101
  A.A.Liberal Arts - Computer Science110701
  A.S.Visual Arts-Computer Graphic Art110803
  A.S.Health Science510999
  A.S.Paralegal Studies (w/Cumberland)220302
  A.S.Business Administration520201
  A.S.Sport Management310504
  A.S.Health and Exercise Science310507
  A.S.Forensic Science430106
  A.S.Emergency Management430302
  A.S.Gamw Design and Development500411
  A.A.S.Respiratory Therapy (W/ Rutgers)510908
  A.A.S.Agriculture (w/ Cumberland)010101
  A.A.S.Scientific Glass Technology (w/ Cumberland)489999
  A.A.S.Technical Studies159999
  A.A.S.Business Administration520201
  A.A.S.Nuclear Energy Technology410205
  A.A.S.Nuclear Energy Technology (W/ Cumberland)410205
  A.A.S.Nursing [One Plus One RN Mobility]513801
  A.A.S.Sustainable Energy Technology150503
  A.A.S.Sustainable Energy Technology (W/ Cumberland)150503
  A.A.S.Game Design (w/ Cumberland County College)360113
  A.A.S.Horticulture (w/ Cumberland)010603
  A.F.A.Computer Graphic Art500409
  A.F.A.Glass: Applied Craft & Design (w/ Cumberland)500799
  A.F.A.Glass Art500709
Source: Office of the Secretary of Higher Education Degree Program Inventory, 3/19/2015 5:05:32 PM