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NJ GEAR UP Scholarship

Scholarships are only available to students who participated in one of the NJ GEAR UP State Project programs in 7th grade, prior to August 31, 2011, and remained active through their senior year in high school. Students who enroll in a bachelor's or associate degree program at a licensed, degree-granting college or university in New Jersey and adhere to the guidelines governing the scholarship may receive up to the maximum Pell Grant Award each semester that they are eligible.

Awards are contingent upon federal funding and are not guaranteed. Awards may be renewed for up to 8 semesters for a 4-year degree program and up to 4 semesters for a 2-year degree program. Students must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Starting in fall 2010:

  • All eligible graduating high school seniors must read and sign the Scholarship Eligibility and Responsibility form to show that the rules of the scholarship have been explained by the GEAR UP program staff and have been understood by the student and parent/guardian .
  • Students who have stopped out for 2 consecutive semesters will lose future eligibility for the scholarship and must file an appeal with NJHE to request reinstatement.

Download Documents

GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS ONLY: Scholarship Eligibility and Responsibility-Seniors

Scholarship Eligibility and Responsibility-All other grade-school students

Scholarship Form: Returning College Student

Scholarship Form: First-Year College Student

How to appeal lost eligibility

Frequently Asked Questions



June 1 for the fall semester or full year.

November 1 for spring semester only

Late or incomplete forms will not be accepted. Do not wait for your term bill or award letter. GEAR UP probably will not be listed.

If you send a form for fall, but do not attend, funds will NOT be sent to your institution unless you contact NJHE by Nov 1.

For Students

Mail or fax your form directly to NJHE at the address/fax number listed on the form. Do not give it to a 3rd party. You are ultimately responsible for making sure your form arrives on time.

If you have an issue, see you financial aid office first. If you need to call or email GEAR UP, give your name, school and the name of the financial aid staff that you spoke with at your college.

If you miss the June 1 deadline, you may submit your form by November 1 to receive the scholarship for the spring semester.

NJ GEAR UP Scholarship

Below are the links for the Scholarship Administration Policy and student acknowledgement forms.

Scholarship Administration Policy

For Financial Aid Reps

The following information is available to help understand the GEAR UP scholarship process.

Important facts:

  • Only students that submit a form to NJHE will be on the roster sent to your college.
  • Currently, the award matches the maximum Pell Grant amount and is paid by semester.
  • Fall awards are mailed in July and spring awards are mailed in December.
  • Enrollment is certified in October for the fall semester and in April for the spring semester.
  • The GEAR UP award is to be applied last and any amount over the cost of attendance as determined by your institution is to be returned to NJHE, not given to the student as a refund.
  • Please fax the roster back to NJHE indicating that you have received and processed the checks.

Eligibility Rules

Download the Eligibility Requirements for a complete list of rules. Starting with the class of 2010, all new scholarship students must read and sign the Scholarship Eligibility and Responsibility form to show that the rules of the scholarship have been explained by the GEAR UP program staff and have been understood by the student and parent/guardian .

To be eligible for the scholarship a GEAR UP student must have participated in a NJ GEAR UP State Project program prior to August 31st 2011 and meet the following eligibility requirements.

You are eligible if you:

  • Participated as a GEAR UP Student in one of the NJ GEAR UP State Project Programs in 7th grade and remained active in the program through 12th grade according to the program director.
  • Attend a Title IV eligible, degree-granting institution in New Jersey that offers associate or bachelor's degrees.
  • Transfer from one NJ GEAR UP eligible institution to another NJ GEAR UP eligible institution.
  • Delay enrollment and/or submit the scholarship form no later than the second fall semester following high school graduation and enroll in an institution that is NJ GEAR UP eligible.
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress as established by your school.

You are NOT eligible if you:

  • Did not participate as a GEAR UP student in one of the NJ GEAR UP State Project Programs in 7th grade or did not remain active in the program through 12th grade.
  • Participated in a GEAR UP Partnership Program.
  • Did not graduate high school.
  • Enroll in an out-of-state institution.
  • Enroll in a non-Title IV eligible, degree-granting institution that does not offer associate or bachelor's degrees.
  • Do not enroll in an associate or bachelor's degree program. Students in certificate programs are not eligible.
  • Transfer from an out-of-state institution to an eligible New Jersey institution.
  • Apply for the scholarship and/or enroll in an eligible New Jersey institution after the second fall semester following high school graduation.

Partnership Programs

The NJ GEAR UP State Project is separate from the GEAR UP Partnership programs and does not provide scholarship funding for the partnership programs. If you did not attend one of the State Project programs, you must contact your project director or school district for information.

For Vineland GEAR UP Students: The Vineland GEAR UP Partnership Program is not associated with the NJ GEAR UP State Project. If you were in the Vineland GEAR UP program and not the C.H.A.M.P./GEAR UP program at Rowan University, you are not eligible for the NJ GEAR UP State Project Scholarship. Please contact the Vineland Public Schools for information. The contact for eligibility requirements is Linda Santagata, Supervisor of Instruction, (856) 794-6700, extension 2357 or http://www.vineland.org/gearup/index.htm

Students in other GEAR UP partnership programs - Contact your school district.

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