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Mentoring Overview

Why Mentor?

By mentoring, you help GEAR UP students stay in school and improve their academic performance and self-esteem. You can gain satisfaction and fulfillment by helping youth who need your support. You will also add valuable experience to your resume and earn an hourly wage.

Mentor: A trusted friend, guide, good listener, responsive and reliable adult.

  1. You can help GEAR UP students stay in school and prepare for college.
  2. You can enrich your life by helping to build a GEAR UP student’s confidence
  3. You have had help along the way—people believed in you—now it is your turn.
  4. You will be a hero to GEAR UP students.
  5. You can be a positive role model. The GEAR UP students who are waiting for mentors are tomorrow’s future.
  6. You can share your college experience with GEAR UP students.
  7. You can help a GEAR UP student set goals for his/her future. If not you, who?
  8. Mentoring really works!

To find out more about becoming a NJ GEAR UP mentor contact Kilpatry Cuesta, GEAR UP State Coordinator, by phone at (609) 292-6190 or by e-mail at kilpatry.cuesta@njhe.state.nj.us.

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