• Who We Are

    The New Jersey Office of GIS (OGIS) was formally established by Executive Order #122 on January 30, 2001, but has been fully functioning within New Jersey's Office of Information Technology since September 1999.

    The mission of the Office of GIS is to oversee the implementation of GIS technology among state agencies and to provide statewide leadership in the development of New Jersey's spatial data infrastructure.

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  • How GIS Works

    It is estimated that approximately 80% of all information handled by government agencies has a spatial or geographic component. In other words, most information is tied to a place. So when decisions are being made about siting new facilities, creating hiking trails, protecting wetlands, directing emergency response vehicles, designating historic neighborhoods or redrawing legislative districts, geography plays a significant role.

    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology is a computer-based data collection, storage, and analysis tool that can combine information from disparate sources into easily understood maps. GIS can perform complicated analytical functions and then present the results visually as maps, tables or graphs, allowing decision-makers to see the issues before them and then select the best course of action.

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  • What We Do

    Application Development
    OGIS consults with other state agencies to help them integrate GIS technology into their agency operations. GIS technology not only enhances an agency's decision-making abilities, but also helps it deliver services to the public more efficiently and effectively. The following applications were cooperatively developed:

    Site Evaluator (for business)
    NJ GeoWeb
    Tax List Search
    Broadband Mapping
    NJ Information Warehouse
    Congressional Districts
    NJGIN Explorer

    Statewide Coordination
    OGIS coordinates a number of GIS teams, committees, and user groups, the largest of which is:

    New Jersey Geospatial Forum
    The New Jersey Geospatial Forum represents the various constituencies of the State's GIS Community.

    Initiated by the New Jersey Office of Information Technology, Office of GIS, the New Jersey Geospatial Forum is designed to:

    • Stimulate and encourage the advancement of an interdisciplinary, professional approach to the planning, design, operation, and use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and related technology to meet the needs of public and private information providers, stewards, and users in New Jersey;
    • Provide a forum for communication and coordination among the various professional discipline who comprise the membership of the forum;
    • Bridge the gap between information producers, stewards, and users;
    • Promote professional and educational development of the membership by providing opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and information;
    • Provide a conduit through which the membership can reach consensus on GIS policies and standards as they relate to New Jersey's spatial data infrastructure;
    • Provide a mechanism through which the interests and concerns of New Jersey's GIS community can be directed to appropriate policy makers.

    An Executive Committee governs the New Jersey Geospatial Forum. The Executive Committee consists of ten members who represent federal, state, county, and municipal government, the private sector, regional authorities or metropolitan planning organizations, licensed Professional Land Surveyors, GIS non-government organizations, and higher education and K-12 institutions in New Jersey.

    Both New Jersey Geospatial Forum meetings and Executive Committee meetings are open to the public. Information on upcoming meetings is posted on the NJ Geospatial Forum Site.

    State and Local Procurement Options
    There are term contracts in place for state and local agencies to procure GIS software as well as technical services related to GIS. More information is available on the NJ Geographic Information Network website.


    Contact Us

    New Jersey Office of GIS
    200 Riverview Plaza,
    PO Box 212,
    Trenton, NJ 08625 - 0212
    email njgin@oit.state.nj.us
    Fax (609) 633-0400

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