Collaboration Services

In New Jersey, government agencies are geographically dispersed and our employees communicate via a variety of devices and formats. The business of government depends on our employees’ ability to collaborate not just within one agency, but across all agencies. Accordingly, we deliver a variety of services to enable internal and interagency collaboration through email, instant messaging, video, and file sharing.

Our flagship offering, CloudConnect, powered by Office 365, tailors the scale of Microsoft’s cloud to the unique requirements of our Executive Branch. Gone are the days of cumbersome shared drives, complicated remote access procedures, and siloed communication channels. CloudConnect seamlessly expands existing user experiences beyond the confines of a single device or agency. With on-premise, two-factor authentication, geo-redundancy, and peer-to-peer (P2P) encryption, users gain confidence in the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data.

In addition, NJOIT’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution. Customized voice services include Integrated Voice Response (IVR), call recording, and multi-party conferencing.

Application Development

Like any technology organization, application development is one of our core competencies in NJOIT. We design, develop, and maintain hundreds of internal and public-facing applications, including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. Our unparalleled institutional acumen and resource depth differentiates NJOIT from our industry peers. To name a few, NJOIT’s coders speak COBOL, Java, .NET, Natural, and Oracle. They live mostly in Mainframe, J2EE, and Oracle environments.

As NJOIT and our clients migrate away from legacy applications, our Transformation and Integration offerings reengineer mainframe systems into industry-standard architectures that can be easily integrated with web technologies. Whether it is converting mainframe user-interfaces into web-based graphical user interfaces (GUI) or enabling mainframe databases to interact with new web-based solutions, NJOIT leverages the best-in-class platforms.

Hosting Services

The agencies of New Jersey’s Executive Branch provide critical public services that our citizens depend on each and every day.  Whether its prosecuting criminals, protecting the environment, enhancing educational standards, processing tax returns, or promoting public health, our clients demand the infrastructure and expertise to efficiently and securely host their information systems. Accordingly, we deliver enterprise hosting services so that agencies can dedicate more resources to constituent services and leave the backend operations to us. Over the years, we have learned that choice is important to our clients.  As a result, NJOIT offers co-location hosting services in one or both of our enterprise-class data centers while presenting applications within the agency’s network space. 

Our Storage, Backup, and Archive services are available in a high-speed, fiber-connected Storage Area Network (SAN).  Primary Disk Storage delivers the highest levels of performance, flexibility, and resiliency and is designed to support critical, customer-facing, and revenue generating applications.  Our backup services support a wide range of applications, including email, databases, and file systems, and policies are optimized for specific applications and support both structured and unstructured data.  NJOIT’s searchable archive services are configured for custom data retention policies and compliance requirements.

NJOIT’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering includes operating system administration and support, as well as platform-specific hardware troubleshooting. It is custom-configured to the State of New Jersey’s security standards.

Our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution includes both Java and .NET hosting services for custom developed applications.  

Network Infrastructure

Networking is a core function of any enterprise IT service provider. To this end, NJOIT owns and operates New Jersey’s wide-area network (WAN), the Next-Gen Garden State Network (GSN). With over 1,000 geographically-dispersed customer locations, the Next-Gen GSN is built on high-speed fiber-optic cabling which delivers redundant paths throughout the State and dedicated access to our enterprise-class data centers. NJOIT’s network grants our customers external connectivity to the public Internet and other State agencies. Network security and intrusion detection and prevention is embedded in the architecture via a multi-layered, secured demilitarized zone (DMZ).

For customers hosting applications on the Next-Gen GSN, we offer load balancing to assist load distribution across multiple servers. Deploying servers in clusters allows user interactions to be distributed across a variety of load balancing techniques. Moreover, NJOIT's global load balancing techniques allows workloads to be shifted across multiple hosting locations with minimal user interruption.

The Next-Gen GSN employs a variety of identity and access management (IAM) controls, especially regarding third-party remote access. We offer extranet services to provision secure third-party access via Internet Protocol Security (IPSec), Virtual Private Networks (VPN), or private carrier lines. All extranets are protected by Next-Gen GSN-managed firewalls.

Digital Services

As agencies of the Executive Branch leverage new technologies to interact with constituencies, developing and maintaining a digital profile is critical to any public affairs and stakeholder engagement strategy.

NJOIT’s Graphic Design services provide attractive, innovative, and responsive designs for a variety of devices and online venues.  Always intuitive to the audience, our designs prioritize the clients’ goals and emphasize accessibility and usability in accordance with industry best practices. Our Web Publishing and Content Management offering includes the creation and administration of custom websites with statistical report profiles powered by Webtrends Analytics® . We custom tailor each website to the desired browsing experience and help our clients flexibly adapt to new content developments.

To complement these digital services, NJOIT Social Media and Multimedia services enable our clients with additional content and channels for connecting with key constituencies.


Project Management

New Jersey's Executive Branch is constantly engaged in a variety of IT projects, from small, week-long implementations to large, multi-year transformations. Executing these projects on time and under budget necessitates as shared project management methodology across all State agencies. In this capacity, NJOIT applies a combination of proprietary and industry-developed principles to help agencies navigate the Project-Management- Lifecycle and Quality-Gate-Process. We endeavor to improve the predictability, understanding, and performance of enterprise and agency IT projects.

In addition, NJOIT is statutorily obligated to support the New Jersey Information Technology Project Review Board (NJITPRB), an independent body composed of State agency executives reporting to the Chief Technology Officer on large-scale technology initiatives. NJOIT assists the NJITPRB with assessing and prioritizing IT projects based on qualitative and quantitative metrics.