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Pick 3 Green Ball Promotion

It's March, that means it's time to Go Green with the New Jersey Lottery's
Pick 3 Green Ball!!


The Pick-3 Green Ball Double Draw runs from March 10th - March 30th.


Here's how it works:


  • Each night during the promotion, after the regular evening Pick-3 drawing occurs, another draw will be conducted from a separate machine that contains 6 white balls and 1 green ball.

  • If the green ball is drawn, a second set of Pick-3 numbers will be drawn and players will have a second bonus chance to win from the same Pick-3 wager.

  • The lottery will match and fund a separate prize pool for this second bonus set of Pick-3 numbers.

  • Every night that the green ball is drawn, there will be TWO sets of Pick-3 numbers drawn allowing for a second chance to win on the same wager.

  • If a white ball is drawn, it will be taken out of the mix and the next night the draw will be from the remaining 5 white balls and 1 green ball. A white ball will be taken out every night until the green ball is drawn. Whenever the green ball is drawn, all seven balls are then replaced for the next drawing.

  • It is guaranteed that the green ball will be drawn at least three times during the 3-week promotion, so be sure to tune in daily on CBS WLNY-TV 10/55 and The CW Philly 57!
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