Event date: March 26. 2013

New Jersey Lottery Sells Another Jackpot Winning Mega Millions Ticket for the May 31st Drawing In Atlantic County

This is New Jersey's Second Mega Millions Jackpot Win in Two Weeks

Carole Hedinger, Executive Director at the Vineland Truck Stop press conference.
Retailer Talvinder Singh accepts Lottery promotional items from Carole Hedinger, Executive Director.
Retailer Talvinder Singh is all smiles upon receiving his $30,000 commission check from NJ Lottery Executive Director Carole Hedinger.
Inside the Vineland Truck Stop lucky retailer location with Carole Hedinger, Executive Director and retailer Talvinder Singh.
Retailer, Talvinder Singh, is thrilled at the media excitement in his Buena store, Vineland Truck Stop.
NJ Lottery customer hopes the Vineland Truck Stop luck continues as he buys his ticket.

Lucky Location, Buena Truck Stop

Lucky Location, Buena Truck Stop

Lottery sign marks the Big win!