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Updated - 03/03/11

FAQs:  Certificates of Operation/Amendments

Q:  How will the process for Certificates of Operation change?

(Note:  This answer was updated on 03/03/11)
A:  The Division has taken over sole responsibility for this function.  Any Certificate of Operations amendments need Division approval prior to implementation.  The amendments, including attachments such as blueprints, are to be submitted in hard copy to:

Division of Gaming Enforcement
Regulatory Enforcement Bureau
Intake Unit, 2nd Floor
1300 Atlantic Ave.
Atlantic City, N.J.  08037

Temporary Certificates of Operation (TCOs) matters do not require pre-approval but must be filed with the Division and specify the duration prior to implementation. TCO’s shall include the certifications from the surveillance director, security director if that department is affected, and the games department if there are any changes to the table games. The certifications are an attestation that all changes will be in compliance with the Act and Regulations. TCO filings are to be addressed to “REB Investigations” and submitted to the casino’s on-site Division office. In addition, for information purposes only, casinos should continue to provide the CCC with a copy of such TCOs because they remain involved in the drop for the time being.

Q.  What should existing casino employee licensees do? 

A.  Casino employees will ultimately register with the Division.  The Division will issue regulations that set forth the process to be used to register, the form to be used, and the fee required to register.  For a transition period of up to 90 days from February 1, 2011, the Commission will continue to accept registrations from both individuals and from casinos on behalf of newly hired individuals using the existing casino service employee registration form and charging the existing registration fee of $60.  A person who has previously filed for renewal of an existing casino employee license will be issued a new casino employee registration by the Commission.  A person whose casino employee license is about to expire and who would have been required to file a renewal application will instead be sent a casino service employee registration form to fill out.  Such persons will be charged the existing fee of $60 and will be issued a casino employee registration.  This process will continue until the Division issues regulations within the next 90 days setting forth new procedures for casino employee registrations.  Existing casino employee licenses will remain valid until they expire, at which time the individual will file as a casino employee registrant rather than file a renewal application. 

Q.  Does someone who is presently registered as a casino service employee need to do anything additional to retain the eligibility for employment?

A.  No.  Existing registrations continue to be valid unless revoked by the Division because the registrant is disqualified or unless the registration expires because the registrant is not employed by a casino for a three year period.  Anyone with an existing registration is now able to perform functions that would have previously required a casino employee license. 

Q.  How will multi-casino endorsements be handled?

A.  The Division will promulgate regulations within 90 days setting forth the procedures for petitioning for a multi-casino endorsement for casino employees.  During the period before regulations have been promulgated, casinos that wish to utilize casino employees at more than one casino must submit the following:   the employee’s name, license or registration number, a statement of the positions to be held, the functions to be performed and an explanation as to why the jobs/functions are not incompatible.  This information must be sent to:

Q.  What should a casino key employee, whether seeking an initial license or seeking a renewal, do? 

A.  For the time being and until the Division has issued regulations addressing this issue, which is anticipated within 90 days, casino key licensees (initials and renewals) should continue to follow the procedures that were in place prior to the amendments to the Casino Control Act that were signed into law on February 1, 2011. 

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