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Updated - 02/14/11

FAQs:  Internal Controls Submissions, Staffing
               Requirements and Jobs Compendium

Q:  Do Internal Controls still require pre-approval?  And what will be the process for filing Internal Controls and Job Compendium?

A:  Internal Controls no longer require approval prior to implementation and no longer need to be filed with the CCC.  However, they must be filed with the Division by providing access to DGE personnel of such files at the DGE’s on-site office. The Jobs Compendium no longer needs to be filed.

Q:  When can casinos begin to modify their existing Internal Controls?

A:  As noted above, because there is no longer any need for pre-approval, casinos can modify their Internal Controls immediately without any form of prior approval. 

Minimum Staffing Requirements
(Note:  This question was added on

Q: How does the new ACT, S-12, affect minimum staffing requirements.

A: S-12  only eliminates the need to include minimum staffing requirements within each casino's internal control submissions, which are no longer subject to approval.  However, S-12 does specify that the Division shall prescribe regulations that addresses, among other things, "...methods of management controls, including employee and supervisory tables of organization and responsibility...".   Therefore, until such time as the Division promulgates regulations in this area, the current regulations remain in effect.

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