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In Memoriam 1950's Graphic In Memoriam Collage
They gave their lives upholding our tradition of Honor, Duty, Fidelity.

Walter R. Gawryla
Emil J. Bock
Stanley A. Conn Jr.
Joseph D. Wirth Jr.
Joseph C. Walter Jr.
Frank A. Trainor
John Anderson
George R. Dancy Jr.
Finley C. Fuchs
Ronald E. Gray
Hilary Welenc
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Name: Walter R. Gawryla
Badge: # 902
Class: 34
Rank: Trooper
Age: 30
Died: 4-21-1950;St. Francis Hosp., Trenton, Mercer Co.
DOB: 8-20-1919
Cause: Cycle Accident
Site: Injured 4-19-50; S.H. 30 Raritan Twp., Hunterdon Co.
Stationed: Troop "B" Flemington
Service Time: 2 years 4 months
Resided: Somerville, Somerset Co.

Trooper Walter R. Gawryla

Name: Emil J. Bock
Badge: # 974
Class: 38
Rank: Trooper
Age: 24
Died: 5-26-1951
DOB: 10-25-1926
Cause: Cycle Accident
Site: Rt. 41, Kresson, Camdem Co.
Stationed: Troop "A" Berlin
Service Time: 6 months
Resided: Bayonne, Hudson Co.

Trooper Emil J. Bock

Name: Stanley A. Conn Jr.
Badge: # 947
Class: 37
Rank: Trooper
Age: 25
Died: 8-27-1951
DOB: 8-6-1926
Cause: Cycle Accident
Site: Pompton Lakes "B" Pompton Lakes
Service Time:1 year 4 months
Resided:Budd Lake, Mt. Olive Twp., Morris Co.

Trooper Stanley A. Conn Jr.

Name: Joseph D. Wirth Jr.
Badge: # 943
Class: 36
Rank: Trooper
Age: 25
Died: 11-25-1951
DOB: 6-8-1926
Cause: Auto Accident
Site: Hudson Boulevard & 35th St., Bayonne, Hudson Co.
Stationed: Troop "B" Turnpike Detachment
Service Time:2 years 4 months
Resided: Bayonne, Hudson Co.

Trooper Joseph D. Wirth Jr.

Name: Joseph C. Walter Jr.
Badge: # 685
Class: 27
Rank: Trooper First Class
Age: 40
Died: 9-7-1952
DOB: 5-24-1912
Cause: Jeep Accident
Site: Injured 8-12-1952; S.H. 23 Hardyston Twp., Sussex Co.
Died: 9-7-1952; Alexander Linn Hospital, Sussex Co.
Stationed: Troop "B" Sussex
Service Time: 14 years 1 month
Resided: Augusta, Sussex Co.

Trooper First Class Joseph C. Walter Jr.

Name: Frank A. Trainor
Badge: # 682
Class: 27
Rank: Sergeant
Age: 40
Died: 8-3-1953
DOB: 7-14-1913
Cause: Ped/MV Accident
Site: Hamburg Turnpike (Rt. 23) Pompton Lakes, PassaicCo.
Stationed: Troop "D" New Brunswick
Service Time: 14 years 11 months
Resided: Mays Landing, Atlantic Co.

Sergeant Frank A. Trainor

Name: John Anderson
Badge: #1191
Class: 43
Rank: Trooper
Age: 36
Died: 11-1-1955
DOB: 3-19-1919
Cause: Murdered/Gun
Site: Garden State Parkway M.P.# 112.5, Middletown Twp, Monmouth Co.
Stationed: Troop "E" Holmdel
Service Time: 2 years 3 months
Resided: Sayreville, Middlesex Co.

Trooper John Anderson

Name: George R. Dancy Jr.
Badge: # 1481
Class: 50
Rank: Trooper
Age: 23
Died: 5-28-1955
DOB: 3-9-1933
Cause: Auto Accident
Site: Rt. 38 Mt. Laurel Twp., Burlington Co.
Stationed: Troop "C" Riverton
Service Time: 6 Months
Resided: Caldwell, Essex Co.

Trooper George R. Dancy Jr.

Name: Finley C. Fuchs
Badge: # 1435
Class: 49
Rank: Trooper
Age: 26
Died: 12-19-1957
DOB: 2-12-1929
Cause: Auto Accident
Site: Rt. 9 Freehold Twp., Monmouth Co.
Stationed: Troop "C" Princeton
Service Time: 2 years 4 months
Resided: Dunellen, Middlesex Co.

Trooper Finley C. Fuchs

Name: Ronald E. Gray
Badge: # 1534
Class: 52
Rank: Trooper
Age: 23
Died: 12-1-1958
DOB: 6-29-1935
Auto Accident
Site: Rt. 206 Andover Twp., Sussex Co.
Stationed: Troop "B" Newton
Service Time: 1 year 5 months
Resided: Denville, Morris Co.

Trooper Ronald E. Gray

Name: Hilary Welenc
Badge: # 1190
Class: 42
Rank: Trooper
Age: 30
Died: 11-20-1959
DOB: 1-14-1929
Cause: Ped/MV Accident
Site: NJ Turnpike M.P. # 31 SB Delaware Twp., Camden Co.
Stationed: Troop "D" Moorestown
Service Time: 6 years 11 months
Resided: Burlington Co.

Trooper Hilary Welenc
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