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Mission Statement
Federal - To perform reconnaisance and security missions in support of division operations, perform rear operation, facilitate division command and control, and conduct other operations as designated by the division.

State - Conduct such domestic support or emergency operations as directed by the NJARNG Emergency Operations Center during storm, natural disaster or civil insurrection.

20 Reason why you should stay "Cavalry"

20. College Level Examination Programs.
19. Low Cost Space Available Air Travel.
18. Student Load Repayment Program.
17. Private Beach Facilities - Sea Girt.
16. Tuition Free College Tuition.
15. Federal Tuition Assistance
14. Post Exchange Privileges.
13. State Parks Parking Pass.
12. Low Cost Dental Benefits.
11. Officer Candidate School Opportunities.
10. Low Cost Life Insurance.
9. Commissary Privileges.
8. Free Hunting and Fishing Licenses.
7. Retirement Benefits.
6. Community Service.
5. Technical Skills.
4. Additional Income.
3. Leadership Skills.
2. Cash Bonuses.

1. "A Chance to Serve With the "BEST"
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