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ARNG Tuition Assistance



Click on "Online Applications > Application for Federal Tuition"

NJDMAVA Form 2171-R "NJARNG Request for Tuition Assistance"


Federal Tuition Assistance (TA) provides financial assistance for voluntary off-duty education programs in support of a soldier’s professional and personal development goals. TA is related directly to retaining quality soldiers, enhancing their career progression, and increasing the combat readiness of the Army National Guard.

All eligible soldiers must declare an educational goal in terms of a credential (a degree or certificate), certification (national or regional), or license. Soldiers have the option of pursuing disciplines related to their professional development or their personal goals.

The soldier’s previous academic history will be examined to determine the likely completion of the course or courses for which TA is sought. When necessary, the Education Services Officer (ESO) may limit the number of TA courses, deny TA, or suspend TA until the soldier demonstrates the ability to maintain satisfactory academic progress.


Immediately upon joining the Army National Guard all members are eligible based on availability of Reserve Component funds. The following restrictions apply:

TA Prohibition

Soldiers are not eligible for TA if:

—They are flagged under provisions of AR 600-8-2 (unsatisfactory participation). If a soldier stops drilling, the commander is to contact the NJARNG Education Center in writing; and the soldier will be dropped from the program. The soldier then becomes responsible for any tuition costs paid for by TA during the current semester.

—They are receiving 100% tuition reimbursement from their civilian employer.

—Courses that lead to a lower or lateral postsecondary credential.

—Courses or programs beyond the master’s degree.

—All courses or labs involving flight training and air time unless they are required as part of a degree program.

—Audited or repeated courses.

—Additional courses when the soldier has an existing "incomplete" grade.

—TA cannot be used concurrently with the New Jersey National Guard Tuition Program.

TA Rates

ARNG TA will be authorized, on a course-by-course basis, only for courses that are part of a soldier’s educational goal.

Tuition assistance may be used to defray only tuition costs up to the following limits established by law:

100 percent for soldiers working toward a high school diploma or its equivalent.

100 percent for courses leading to a postsecondary credential, certification, or license, not to exceed the established dollar limit per semester hour or equivalent.

For Fiscal Year (FY) 2007 up to 100% reimbursement may be paid; the following caps apply:

$250 per credit for undergraduate, graduate and certification studies.

$4,500 per soldier, per fiscal year (courses beginning between 01OCT06 - 30SEP07).

Administrative Procedures

Soldiers apply for TA online at:

Click on "Online Applications > Application for Federal Tuition"

NJDMAVA Form 2171-R "NJARNG Request for Tuition Assistance"

All applications must be submitted at the beginning of the semester, as soon as you register for courses.

It is the responsibility of the soldier to submit their grade report to the NJARNG education center at the conclusion of the semester. Future TA will not be paid unless


AR 621-5

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