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Funeral Directors

Funeral Directors are essential to ensuring that all veterans receive Military Honors. The Funeral Director usually is the one who asks the family if their loved one was a veteran, and what paperwork they might have. He or she usually contacts the Casualty Assistance Office, who in turn contacts us. There are some important items that should be noted to ensure veterans receive the proper honors.

DD 214’s: Many Soldiers receive two or three DD 214’s throughout their military career, especially if they were members or the Army Reserves or Army National Guard. The most recent DD 214 or NGB 214 is the usually the most accurate. If the family states the Soldier was retired, a retirement certificate is best. Discharge certificates are also good, however, a Soldier may have left the military and reenlisted later in life.

Illegible or no paperwork: There are ways to certify a Soldier’s service other than DD 214’s and discharge documents. If there is no paper or is completely illegible, Funeral Directors should still contact the Casualty Office with what information they do have. The Casualty Office may be able to locate the necessary information electronically.

Funeral Detail Compliments and Complaints: The NJARNG Honor Guard conducts most funeral missions in NJ. If there is ever an issue with one of the details, or if you would like to thank them, please click our Contact Us page.
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