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Prospective Team Members


The primary benefit of the Honor Guard is the gratification of honoring one’s comrades, and providing comfort to grieving family members. Being a team member, however, does have tangible benefits.

Pay: M-Day Soldiers and Airmen will be paid a Funeral Honors Duty Allowance, with is the same as one IDT stipend (one UTA), regardless of how many missions they perform that day. They will also receive one retirement point. Retirees receive $50 per mission, regardless of rank. Training is also in a paid status.

Training: The forty- and eighty-hour courses are both considered resident courses for the purpose of enlisted promotion points.

Awards: Soldiers and Airmen who successfully complete thirty funeral missions are eligible for the NJ Honor Guard Ribbon

Meet new people: The Honor Guard is comprised of Soldiers and Airmen from units throughout the state. You will meet people from outside your MOS and unit.
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