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In November 2009, the National Guard Bureau (NGB) implemented the Performance Appraisal Application (PAA) Tool. In 2014, IAW DoD Instruction 1400.25, Volume 431, DoD began using the framework from the PAA Tool, to build the "Defense Performance Management and Appraisal Program" (DPMAP) also known as "MyPerformance" and "New Beginnings - My Performance Appraisal Program". The National Guard implementation of MyPerformance to include General Schedule (GS) and Federal Wage Grade System (FWS) positions is driven by DoD requirements.

Upon receipt of official notice from NGB along with a published Chief of the National Guard Bureau Instruction (CNGBI), J1-HRO's will provide implementation guidance to ALCON, to replace the current National Guard (NG) Technician PAA Tool. In the interim, in addition to ensuring appraisals under the current PAA are accomplished, the steps outlined below will prepare Technicians and their supervisors, for a smooth transition to MyPerformance.

Steps to transition from PAA to MyPerformance:

  • Step 1: Notification to ALCON of the forthcoming performance appraisal changes for the Technician workforce.
  • Step 2: Training and Verification - Complete new MyPerformance training (Initial or Refresher) provided below. Supervisors will record completed training on the MyPerformance training spreadsheet provided below, which are to be submitted by unit/directorate (not individually) SSG Scott Haidet, HR Development Specialist at scott.h.haidet.mil@mail. **NJANG ONLY: Submit through the respective Wing Remote.
  • Step 3: Upon official NGB notification, implement MyPerformance for all NJNG Technicians.


All Technicians and supervisors of Technicians (whether AGR or TECH) must complete MyPerformance training, which is hyperlinked below. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that all MyPerformance training is completed in its entirety. Training spreadsheets must be submitted to HRO, as soon as possible, but no later than close of business on 15 May 2017.

There are two types of training:

  • Initial training: Required for all Technicians and supervisors of Technicians, who have NOT completed one (1) PAA -- Lessons 1-6, along with all the training videos listed below.
  • Refresher training: Required for all Technicians and supervisors of Technicians, who have completed at least one (1) PAA -- Lessons 3 & 6, along with all the training videos listed below.

POC regarding this requirement is 1SG Manka, Supervisory HR Specialist at dharam.manka.mil@mail.mil. **NJANG ONLY: Direct all inquiries to your respective Wing Remote.