Major Dennis Devery
Public Affairs Office
NJ Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
IMMEDIATE (May 1, 2002)

NJ unveils Vietnam Service Medal 
345 New Jerseyans to receive new medal May 7th

HOLMDEL, NJ - The first presentation of New Jersey's Vietnam Service Medal will be held on May 7 at the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Holmdel, N.J. 

Two ceremonies will be held to award the NJ Vietnam Service Medal to New Jersey residents who served in the Vietnam War. 172 New Jersey Vietnam Veterans will be honored at a 2 p.m. ceremony and 173 at a 4 p.m. ceremony. The Memorial is located on the grounds of the PNC Bank Arts Center, Garden State Parkway exit 116.

Approved by the New Jersey Legislature on Nov. 13, 2000, the medal commemorates the 25th anniversary of the ending of the Vietnam Conflict in January 1973.

To be eligible for the Vietnam Service Medal, veterans must meet the following criteria:

  • be a current resident of New Jersey
  • served in any branch of the armed forces of the United States in Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia or the contiguous waters or airspace thereof on or after Dec. 31, 1960 and on or before May 7, 1975.
  • Have an honorable discharge or be currently serving in the military
Posthumous awards can be awarded; application must be made by the surviving spouse or immediate family member.

Anyone interested in applying for the New Jersey Vietnam Service Medal should send a written request together with a copy of the individual's discharge document (DD Form 214) to:

ATTN: Vietnam Service Medal
PO Box 340
Trenton, NJ 08625-0340
Be sure to include full name, home address and daytime telephone number.

Also being held at the Memorial on May 7 at 11 a.m. is the annual New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Ceremony. This year's ceremony will honor the life of Rick Rescorla, a Vietnam Veteran and hero of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center. Susan Rescorla, widow of Rick, will accept the New Jersey Vietnam Service Medal, which is being posthumously awarded to Rick Rescorla.

On September 11th, Rick Rescorla, vice president for corporate security at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and Co., helped to evacuate more than 3,000 employees from the Twin Towers before losing his own life.

Rescorla was a veteran of the Battle of the Ia Drang Valley in Vietnam, and is featured in the book, "We Were Soldiers Once…. And Young," which was recently released as a major motion picture.

General Hal Moore, whose life is portrayed by Mel Gibson in the film "We Were Soldiers," will attend the ceremony and speak about the lifetime of sacrifice and service that Rescorla devoted to our state and nation. A number of other veterans of the Ia Drang Valley, who were lifelong friends of Rescorla's, will also speak during the ceremony. 

Later that night at 7 p.m., there will be a panel discussion at the Vietnam Era Educational Center with 1st Cav veterans sharing their stories and experiences. The event is open to the public. Call (732) 335-0033 for more information.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Holmdel, N.J.

May 7, 2002
2 p.m. ceremony

Rank First Name MI Last Name Posthumous Branch City
Specialist Four Richard Andersen Army Perth Amboy
Specialist Five Peter E. Anderson Army Piscataway
Private 1st Class Thomas W. Antal Army Monroe Township
Specialist Four Salvatore C. Assorgi Army Parlin
Specialist Four Donald C. Bachman Army Edison
Sergeant David J. Bartkovich Army Metuchen
Specialist Four Robert M. Beiles Army Old Bridge
Sergeant Joseph M. Belardo Army South Plainfield
Specialist Four Charles P. Bellanca Army Esison
Specialist Four Frank H. Blondin Army Helmetta
Sergeant Kenneth Boger Marine Corps Westfield
Specialist Four Bean Bradley Army Laurence Harbor
Sergeant John T. Brady Air Force Iselin
Specialist Four Joseph P. Brady Army Old Bridge
Specialist Four Leonard P. Browa Army Old Bridge
Specialist Four John E. Buffa Army Bound Brook
Corporal James L. Carter Marine Corps Edison
Specialist Four John J. Celecki Army Perth Amboy
Corporal James Ciszewski Marine Corps Fords
Specialist Four John J. Clarke Army Old Bridge
Sergeant Henry E. Coglianese Army Edison
Lance Corporal Howard R. Colegrove Marine Corps Metuchen
Sergeant Lawrence P. Colella Army Parlin
Sergeant John A. Cook Air Force Milltown
Gunnery Sergeant Francis H. Cooper Marine Corps Edison
Sergeant Jack G. Costa Air Force Middlesex
Specialist Four John H. Culbertson Army Piscataway
Specialist Four Salvatore P. Dassaro Army Old Bridge
Private 1st Class John E. Daughenbaugh Army East Brunswick
Petty Officer 3rd Class Richard L. Davis Navy Dunellen
Specialist Five Hugh Perry Dewitt Army Piscataway
Staff Sergeant Ben Diggs Army cranbury
Specialist Five Vincent J. Dima Army Edison
Specialist Four Saverio A. Donato Army Perth Amboy
Specialist Five George M. Dousis Army Hillsborough
Specialist Six Joseph W. Drumgoole Army Rahway
Staff Sergeant John J. Egidio Air Force Edison
Petty Officer Joseph Facendola Navy Wood Ridge
Specialist Four Francis T. Fee Army South Amboy
Staff Sergeant Stephen G. Fodor Air Force Fords
1st Lieutenant Edward J. Foley Marine Corps Piscataway
Specialist Four John D. French Army Sayreville
Specialist Four George W. Furs Army Spotswood
Lieutenant Colonel Henry E. Gabler Army Princeton
Private 1st Class Andrew P. Gervasi Army Monroe Township
Captain Wayne E. Girardet Navy Cranbury
Lance Corporal Walter R. Goldeski Marine Corps East Brunswick
Sergeant William P. Gooding Posthumous Army Highland
Petty Officer 2nd Class John J. Gorman Navy Sayreville
Specialist Four Thomas J. Gorman Army South Amboy
Private 1st Class Richard J. Gorman Army Sayreville
Specialist Four Patrick J. Greco Army Carteret
Specialist Four Calvin P. Gross Army South Plainfield
Fireman John T. Grossman Navy Old Bridge
Electricians Mate 2nd Class Julius J. Guarnieri Navy Metuchen
Sergeant Douglass Gush Army Spotswood
Machinist Mate 3rd Class Martin E. Gutowski Navy Piscataway
Corporal Frederick J. Hague Marine Corps Helmetta
Corporal Theodore A. Hamer Marine Corps Milltown
Specialist Four Gerald P. Harczuk Army Carteret
Corporal Kevin J. Henry Marine Corps Cranbury
Specialist Four Thomas J. Herzog Army South Plainfield
Machinist Mate 2nd Class Peter Hummel Navy Edison
Specialist Four George J. Hutnik Army Fords
Sergeant George T. Jogan Army Woodbridge
Sergeant 1st Class James H. Johns Army Parlin
Corporal Michael S. Kafka Marine Corps Highland Park
Corporal Wayne R. Keans Marine Corps Monroe Township
Specialist Four Michael J. Keating Army Metuchen
Specialist Four Walter R. Kerwin Army Franklin Park
1st Lieutenant Charles M. King Army East Brunswick
Specialist Four William S. Kleeman Army Piscataway
Specialist Four Edward M. Klepczyk Army Edison
Sergeant Richard H. Klimkiewicz Army Piscataway
Private 1st Class Douglas R. Koester Marine Corps Kendall Park
Specialist Five Martin J. Kolibas Army Iselin
Specialist Four Ronald J. Kornacivich Army Dayton
Seaman Arthur J. Krause Navy North Brunswick
Specialist Five Pasquale LaRocca Army Piscataway
Specialist Four Russell J. Lehman Army Hopelawn
Staff Sergeant George J. Lisicki Army Carteret
Captain Louis J. Luczu Army E. Brunswick
Sergeant Donald R. Luker Army Middlesex
Specialist Five Thomas L. Lukowski Army East Brunswick
Seaman Anthony I. Malara Navy Parlin
Specialist Four Ronald U. Malet Army Sayreville
Fireman Joseph Manto Navy Colonia
Petty Officer 3rd Class Edward Marczak Navy South Amboy
Airman Osborne J. Marsh Navy North Brunswick
Electricians Mate 3rd Class Michael Martin Navy Fords
Corporal William P. Masterson Marine Corps S. Amboy
Specialist Four Arthur J. Matthews Army Piscataway
Specialist Five Lawrence J. Mazzuchetti Army East Brunswick
Corporal Charles F. McGarry Marine Corps Dunellen
Specialist Four Edward J. McHugh Army Spotswood
Corporal William J. McILvaine Marine Corps South River
Specialist Four Bernard H. Menth Army North Brunswick
Petty Officer 3rd Class Lee R. Meyers Navy East Brunswick
Specialist Four Thomas Miceli Army Piscataway
Specialist Four Edward G. Mickelwaite Army Edison
Airman Arthur J. Midili Navy Old Bridge
Specialist Four Edward R. Miller Army Parlin
Corporal John J. Moffett Marine Corps Old Bridge
Captain Barclay Morrison Posthumous Marine Corps Piscataway
Sergeant Raymond O. Morrison Marine Corps Perth Amboy
Petty Officer 2nd Class Christopher H. Morton Navy South Plainfield
Specialist Four Saleem R. Muhammad Army Rahway
Staff Sergeant Joseph G. Mulvihill Army Parlin
Sergeant Joseph G. Myers Marine Corps Sayreville
Sergeant Joel D. Nevins Marine Corps Metuchen
Private 1st Class Gerald W. Noonan Army Carteret
Specialist Four Edward J. Nowicki Army Sayreville
1st Lieutenant Gary P. O'Brien Army Old Bridge
Captain Edward T. O'Connor Army Bayonne
Seaman John P. O'Leary Navy South River
Specialist Four Andrew P. Oliva Army Dunellen
Gunners Mate 3rd Class Joseph A. Oross Navy Little Egg Harbor
Sergeant Louis Ottaviani Army Monroe Township
Petty Officer 3rd Class LeRoy F. Oughton Navy Milltown
Specialist Four Richard Palfey Army New Brunswick
Private James C. Papp Marine Corps N. Brunswick
Technical Sergeant Dennis A. Pascale Navy Metuchen
Specialist Five Joseph C. Petri Army North Brunswick
Staff Sergeant Richard C. Pirello Air Force Piscataway
Specialist Four Joseph Pires Army Matawan
Petty Officer 3rd Class Clifton E. Pollock Navy Woodbridge
Sergeant Ricky A. Puleio Army N. Brunswick
Electronic Technician 2nd Class Ronold N. Ravelle Navy Colonia
Private Michael A. Rebeck Army Fords
Specialist Four Thomas Redhing Army Hopelawn
Sergeant Michael J. Renahan Air Force Florham Park
Private 1st Class Ralph R. Restaino Army Colonia
Specialist Four Frank A. Rice Army Edison
Lance Corporal Thomas D. Riley Marine Corps Monroe Twp
Specialist Five Kenneth J. Rokose Army Monroe
Staff Sergeant Richard E. Romano Army Dunellen
Corporal Andrew G. Rossman Marine Corps South Amboy
Sergeant Mayro Salvatore Army Edison
Specialist Four Michael J. Sandor Army Woodbridge
Specialist Four Walter J. Schroll Army Spottswood
Specialist Four Willie G. Screws Army Cranbury
Specialist Five Richard J. Sienkiewicz Army Monroe Twp.
Sergeant Andrew Slobiski Marine Corps Jamesburg
Corporal Thomas R. Smigel Marine Corps Piscataway
Captain James B. Smith Army Metuchen
Sergeant Nicholas T. Sorrentino Army Piscataway
Specialist Four Richard Standowski Army South Amboy
Petty Officer 3rd Class Joseph Stanik Navy Jamesburg
Chief Petty Officer Francis J. Staruch Navy Avenel
Private 1st Class Frederick M. Strubeck Army East Brunswick
Specialist Six Jon G. Sundelof Army Piscataway
Specialist Four Stephen J. Sunyak Army Monroe Twp
Sergeant Richard T. Tarn Army Metuchen
Airman 1st Class John L. Thiel Air Force Metuchen
Petty Officer 3rd Class Stephen J. Toth Navy Dunellen
Specialist Four Richard W. Tuma Army Milltown
Petty Officer 2nd Class LeGrande W. Van Wagenen Navy Parlin
Specialist Four John T. Varianka Army Woodbridge
Petty Officer 3rd Class Greogory J. Vogt Navy South River
Specialist Four Robert Volovar Army Carteret
Staff Sergeant Donald R. Wagner Army Woodbridge
Sergeant Timothy J. Wallace Marine Corps Colonia
Seaman William H. Welsh Navy South Amboy
Specialist Four Michael A. Wenzel Army Woodbridge
Specialist Four Michael J. Werst Army Edison
Corporal Stanley Wilkins Marine Corps Piscataway
Petty Officer 3rd Class Harold V. Wilson Navy Piscataway
Specialist Four Walter Wlodarczyk Army Sayreville
Specialist Five Robert G. Yunker Army Metuchen
Boilerman 3rd Class Raymond Zaczek Navy Sayreville
Specialist Five Edward J. Zarzyczny Army South Amboy
Specialist Four Charles B. Ziolkowski Army Edison

Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Holmdel, N.J.

May 7, 2002
4 p.m. ceremony

Rank First Name MI Last Name Posthumous Branch City
Specialist Five Roger Ackerman Army Manasquan
Sergeant Joseph Aflitto Marine Corps West Long Branch
Specialist Five Daniel W. Anderson Army Tinton Falls
Petty Officer 3rd Class Joseph A. Auer Navy Keansburg
Specialist Four H. Dennis Autenrieth Army Belmar
Petty Officer 3rd Class Alan R. Baird Navy Freehold
Specialist Four Henry E. Banks Army Neptune
Lieutenant Colonel James D. Bannister Army Eatontown
Petty Officer 2nd Class Frederick E. Bates Navy Neptune
Specialist Four Dennis J. Beauregard Army Red Bank
Specialist Five George J. Bednarski Army Manasquan
Specialist Four Nick Bellantoni Army Little Silver
Staff Sergeant Dominic E. Bellezza Army Leonardo
Specialist Four Ronald J. Bermel Army Tinton Falls
Specialist Four Thomas M. Billy Army Little Silver
Petty Officer 1st Class Robert A. Blashfield Navy Union Beach
Captain Kenneth E. Bloomfield Army Manasquan
Specialist Four Dennis C. Brooks Army Keansburg
Private 1st Class Jesse T. Brown Army Aberdeen
Lance Corporal Dennis S. Buchanan Marine Corps Keansburg
Sergeant John R. Burkard Air Force Asbury Park
Sergeant 1st Class Melchiore Buscemi Army Eatontown
Specialist Four Thomas Buysse Army Freehold
Specialist Four Richard M. Carragher Army Spring Lake Heights
Sergeant Harry R. Carter Air Force Adelphia
Sergeant James F. Chelberg Air Force Manalapan
Private Frank A. Chinigo Army Tinton Falls
Private 1st Class Peter D. Chippendale Marine Corps Rumson
Private Eugene R. Clay Army Eatontown
Specialist Four Michael J. Coale Army Forked River
Private 1st Class Patrick J. Collins Army Hazlet
Lieutenant Colonel John D. Connolly Army Tinton Falls
Seaman Isaiah G. Cooper Navy Keyport
Sergeant Robert F. Cottrell Army Cream Ridge
Specialist Five Kenneth B. Coyle Army Bradley Beach
Staff Sergeant Donald E. Davison Army Neptune
Specialist Five Domenick J. DeLucia Army Manalapan
Sergeant Thomas M. Dietrich Marine Corps Spring Lake Heights
Private 1st Class Robert F. Dolahan Army Wall
Petty Officer 1st Class William J. Dondero Navy Holmdel
Corporal Gene A. Drost Marine Corps Keansburg
Sergeant Edward Dunn Army Belford
Petty Officer 1st Class Thomas F. Early Coast Guard Keansburg
Corporal Michael J. Ennis Marine Corps Matawan
Specialist Four John Thomas Ernst Army Manasquan
Private 1st Class Casper A. Everhard Marine Corps Aberdeen
Specialist Five Herbert L. Fabian Army Freehold
Petty Officer 3rd Class John S. Feeney Navy Wall
Specialist Five Joseph P. Ferrera Army Bridgewater
Specialist Five Marcus G. Ford Army Freehold
Sergeant Harold E. Fowler Marine Corps Leonardo
Corporal Charles C. Gallagher Marine Corps Belford
Sergeant Edward V. Gallo Marine Corps Aberdeen
Specialist Four Philip L. Galvano Army Keansburg
Sergeant Frederic T. Gardiner Marine Corps Tinton Falls
Specialist Four Kenneth Geerlof Army Belford
Corporal Raymond E. George Marine Corps Neptune City
Corporal John J. Glassford Marine Corps Belmar
Electricians Mate 2nd Class Stephen J. Gotz Navy Belford
Specialist Four John Gratacos Army Elizabeth
Airman 1st Class Bryant R. Guinn Air Force Hazlet
Sergeant Edward P. Gurski Air Force Morganville
Sergeant Thomas R. Guthlein Air Force Manalapan
Private 1st Class Franklin S. Hall Army Cliffwood
Chief Warrant Officer Four Adolf Herbst Army Eatontown
Sergeant John A. Hessels Army Bradley Beach
Specialist Five Jerome E. Hester Army Neptune
Seaman Joel S. Huneke Navy Perrineville
Sergeant Dennis Jacques Army New Monmouth
Specialist Four Donald G. Johansen Army Holmdel
Specialist Four Jesse V. Johnson Army Tinton Falls
Specialist Five Robert E. Johnson Army Howell
Sergeant David H. Jones Army Howell
Specialist Five William Katerinis Army Farmingdale
Seaman Peter G. Kauffman Navy Freehold
Merchant Marine Donald R. Keddy Merchant Marines Monmouth Beach
Sergeant James G. Kelly Air Force Matawan
Specialist Four Ronald Kmetz Army Keyport
Sergeant William R. Kryscnski Army Middle Town
Captain Martin Kwiatkowsky Army Howell
Petty Officer 2nd Class Carl R. Larsen Navy Spring Lake Heights
Sergeant Robert D. Leecock Army Belford
Specialist Four John D. LeGates Army High Bridge
Captain Simon Levin Army Interlaken
Specialist Four Philip L. Levinson Army Eatontown
Sergeant Robert Longette Army Aberdeen
Corporal Frank M. Longo Marine Corps Howell
Specialist Five John S. MacGowan Army Spring Lake
Sergeant Charles J. Mack Marine Corps Long Branch
Corporal John M. Maffiore Marine Corps Hazlet
Captain Richard L. Magovern Army Fair Haven
Chief Warrant Officer Four Robert W. Maras Marine Corps Manchester
Staff Sergeant Charles F. Martin Army Long Branch
Gunners Mate 3rd Class Nicholas R. Marx Navy Belford
1st Lieutenant John P. McBride Army Saddle Brook
Specialist Five William McClung Army Little Silver
Seaman Dennis F. McConnell Navy Belmar
Master Sergeant Patrick M. McDermott Posthumous Air Force Freehold
Specialist Four Daniel J. McDougall Army W. Keansburg
Specialist Five Bernard J. McElwee Army Lake Hiawatha
Sergeant John F. McGowan Marine Corps Red Bank
Specialist Four Christopher E. McGowan Army Leonardo
1st Lieutenant Ian M. McLaughlin Army Peapack
Lance Corporal Michael Meixsell Marine Corps Sea Girt
Sergeant Charles R. Messina Air Force Howell Township
Corporal John Meyer Marine Corps Manasquan
Sergeant James M. Mika Marine Corps Navesink
Specialist Four John Minor Army Hazlet
Sergeant Salvatore Mione Army Rahway
Engineer 3rd Class John T. Miskinis Navy Manasquan
Sergeant Joseph M. Mizzi Army Bradly Beach
Specialist Five Joseph F. Montecalvo Army Manasquan
Sergeant Joseph C. Morrison Marine Corps Freehold
Sergeant Robert Mulligan Air Force Hazlet
Staff Sergeant Ralph Nota Army New Monmouth
Sergeant Joseph J. Oleszkiewicz Army South Belmar
Lance Corporal John w. Onieal Marine Corps Middletown
Specialist Five Arthur A. Otchy Army Manasquan
Major Silvio Pelosi Posthumous Army Tinton Falls
Sergeant William T. Pepper Army Manasquan
Corporal Vincent P. Petruzziello Marine Corps Manasquan
Sergeant Richard L. PIASECKI Army Belmar
Seaman Robert A. Pizanie Navy Howell
1st Lieutenant Theodore B. Podkul Army Creamridge
Specialist Four Stanley L. Podzielny Army Highlands
Specialist Five John L. Prikopa Army Freehold
Sergeant Edward Reeves Army Keyport
Staff Sergeant Thomas J. Reeves Air Force Hazlet
Lance Corporal Edward A. Reid Marine Corps Allentown
Petty Officer 3rd Class Darryl J. Reid Navy Farmingdale
Sergeant Richard W. Richardson Air Force Sea Bright
Specialist Four Reggie Robertson Army Highlands
Hospitalman 1st Class John A. Robinson Navy Colts Neck
Sergeant 1st Class Larry M. Robinson Army Eatontown
Specialist Four George J. Roessner Army Port Monmouth
Specialist Five Frank S. Romeo Army Tinton Falls
Lance Corporal Joseph Romeo Marine Corps Shrewsbury
Specialist Five John D. Rooney Army Long Branch
Private 1st Class John J. Ryan Army Middletown
Sergeant John F. Rymas Army Englishtown
Sergeant Robert S. Sacewicz Air Force Brielle
Specialist Five Stuart F. Sakosits Army Red Bank
Specialist Four John J. Sakowski Army W. Keansburg
Sergeant 1st Class Roy T. Sales Army Cream Ridge
1st Lieutenant Brian F. Schmalz Army Colts Neck
Specialist Four Walter J. Schmidt Posthumous Army Freehold
Merchant Marine Erwin Schnierer Coast Guard Englishtown
Specialist Four Joseph L. Schnitzer Army Howell
Specialist Five M. B. Schreiber Army Holmdel
Specialist Four John P. Sedivy Army Freehold
Specialist Four Frank P. Serpineto Army Monmouth Beach
Specialist Four Vernon W. Silk Army Spring Lake
Specialist Four Thomas W. Smith Army Middletown
Sergeant Frederick F. Sona Army Cliffwood Beach
Corporal George V. Sullivan Marine Corps Bradley Beach
Specialist Five Robert L. Swain Army Farmingdale
Specialist Four Wayne E. Tambo Army Manalapan
Seaman Alfred W. Tapp Navy West Keansburg
Corporal Brian P. Tarrant Marine Corps South Belmar
Sergeant 1st Class Matti Teder Army Howell
Private 1st Class William A. Thomas Army Perrineville
Seaman Frederick P. Traverso Navy West Allenhurst
Corporal John E. Tully Marine Corps Spring Lake Heights
Private Daniel J. Tutler Army Belford
Sergeant Kenneth R. Urban Marine Corps Keansburg
Airman 1st Class Frederic N. Varlese Air Force Hazlet
Petty Officer 3rd Class William A. Weber Navy Little Ferry
Corporal Peter E. Wenning Marine Corps Dumont
Specialist Four Raymond P. Wilson Army Belmar
Specialist Four John D. Winters Army Matawan
Staff Sergeant Robert J. Winthers Army Rumson
Lieutenant Clifford Yaschur Navy Holmdel
Major John A. Zemalkowski Army Hazlet

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