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(18 July, 2011)




Media Advisory


Veterans Haven Addition Receives American Legion Furniture Donation



WHO/WHAT: With the 55-bed addition to the Veterans Haven Transitional Housing Program for homeless veterans nearly completed, the rooms will be filled with new furniture donated by the American Legion posts of New Jersey. Former state commander Robert Looby will be there as cadets from the National Guard's Youth Challenge program unpack and place the furniture. Looby's commanders' project raised more than $150,000 from American Legion members to furnish the new facility.


WHEN: Tuesday, July 19 at 9 a.m. to 12-noon


WHERE: Veterans Haven, 202 Spring Garden Rd, Winslow 08095


DETAILS: New Jersey has among its homeless population an estimated 7,000 to 8,000 veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Our nation and our State, grateful for its hard won freedom and democracy, owes a special debt to veterans. That there are so many falling through the gaps in our society is a call to action. We must restore dignity and purpose to those who so unselfishly laid their lives on the line for our country.

The military teaches us to retrieve our wounded and bring them home. The Veterans Transitional Housing Program (VETERANS HAVEN) aims to meet this challenge on the streets, in the shelters and at the front lines of human existence where our brothers and sisters find themselves in their time of greatest need.

The Veterans Transitional Housing Program (Veterans Haven) is a New Jersey State operated facility for homeless veterans. After being medically evaluated at a VA Medical Center, eligible veterans must agree to a long-term program focusing on psychological, social and vocational rehabilitation.

Veterans Haven is a drug and alcohol free program and residents must abide by this zero tolerance rule while enrolled. Random testing for both is constantly performed and violators are immediately involuntarily discharged from the program.

The program is divided into three phases: Treatment (TR), Self-Reclamation (SR) and Community Reintegration (CR).

Each phase lasts from three to six months and is tailored to individual treatment needs and vocational interests. Veterans completing the program return to vocations which will support them for years to come.

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