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Data Processing Center
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Data Processing Center - Points of Contact

William T Whitehurst, Data Processing Manager

Position Rank Grade Name DSN Phone
DPM CIV GS-13 William Whitehurst 445-9789 (609) 530-6789
APPSW 1LT GS-12 Patrick Mostyn 445-9792 (609) 530-6792
SysAdmin CPT GS-12 Stephen Pruser 445-9791 (609) 530-6791
DataMGT CIV GS-11 Evella Dawson 445-9722 (609) 530-6722
SysAdmin SSG GS-11 James Bunch 445-9761 (609) 530-6761
DataMGT SFC GS-09 Fabiola de Verteuil 445-9757 (609) 530-6757
SysAdmin SGT GS-09 Dominic John 445-9788 (609) 530-6788

DPC Global Address:
DOIM Global Address:
Work Hours: 0730-1700 Alt Fri Off

DPC Fax Machine: 445-9848 / (609) 530-6848
Operations Room: 445-9790 / (609) 530-6790
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