New Jersey Korean War Memorial

New Jersey Korean War Memorial located at Brighton Park, Atlantic City where Park Place meets the Boardwalk.The Korean Conflict, 1950-1953, the nation's only undeclared war, claimed more than 540,900 lives - this number includes 837 veterans from New Jersey.

Dedicated on 13 November 2000, The New Jersey Korean War Memorial stands on land donated by Atlantic City, in Brighton Park, where Park Place meets the Boardwalk.

Sculptors J. Tom Carrillo and Thomas Jay Warren designed the memorial featuring bronze figures of heroic proportions, representing the servicemen and women who fought in Korea, which include the "Mourning Soldier" clutching dog tags and remembering his lost comrades, a soldier and nurse helping a wounded soldier, and two battlefield reliefs behind sheets of water cascading into reflecting pools. It also includes a wall bearing the names of all the service members killed or missing in action, as well as a wall honoring the four New Jersey servicemen who were awarded the Medal of Honor for heroism in Korea.

For more information, call the Division of Veterans Services at 609-530-7049 or visit the New Jersey Korean War Memorial website at: military/korea