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The Food Service Department operates under the direction of a full time Food Service Director, who works in conjunctions with the Clinical Dietitians to meet the nutritional and dietary needs of the Veteran Home residents. Residents are served their meals in one of the attractive, spacious dining areas.

The Food Service Department provides our residents with the following services:

  • Full-time Dietitians on staff to meet the nutritional needs of residents

  • A 28-day cycle menu, which our residents have input on meals served through a Resident Menu Planning Committee that meets quarterly.

  • Three meals are provided: breakfast, lunch and dinner, with an evening snack

  • Meals are served in the dining room as well as tray service on the VMH

  • Menu choices are provided for residents at all meals

  • Special diets are planned with residents if required

  • Food Services also caters to all activity functions, as well as providing special Holiday meals, BBQs and picnics.


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