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NJ Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
Veteran's Haven North - Transitional Housing Programs for Homeless Veterans


"Under the direction of the New Jersey Department of Military and Veteran's Affairs, Veteran's Haven North will ensure that homeless veterans are treated and cared for in a dignified, compassionate, and professional manner so as to reach an optimal level of independence and aid them in re-acquiring the life skills and ability to live in the community while maintaining their self-sufficiency, dignity, and honor."



Veteranís Haven North is comprised of a diverse team of professionals specializing in psychosocial rehabilitation, social services, addictions, vocational rehabilitation, and nursing. All treatment is individualized with the purpose of attaining realistic life goals and instilling hope and wellness to maximize community reintegration. Our vision is to provide services to the veterans guided by principles of excellence and quality. In addition to our specialized team, there is a Veteransí Service Officer on premises to assist veterans in obtaining entitlements.



Veteranís Haven North is located on top of a scenic mountain in Glen Gardner, New Jersey. With its tranquil surroundings, state of the art facility, and specialized staff, Veteranís Haven North boasts the perfect combination for a highly effective and efficient transitional housing program for homeless veterans.



Veteranís Haven North operates two distinct programs. One is a transitional housing program and the second is an emergency shelter and treatment program, known as SHIELD.

Our transitional housing program is a two year housing program. The ultimate goal is to support veterans in securing permanent housing.


  • Veteran must be homeless.
  • Individual must be a veteran under USDVA guidelines.
  • Veteran must be eligible for VA healthcare benefits to qualify for admission
  • Applicant must be drug and alcohol free at time of admission.

**The Application for Admission is available in the ďFormsĒ section of this website.**

Our emergency shelter and treatment (SHIELD) program is a 90-180 day housing program. This program is designed to assist veterans in first stabilizing healthcare and financial concerns that have contributed to homelessness and subsequently in entering supportive or permanent housing.


  • Eligibility and screenings are conducted by the US Department of Veterans Affairs Contract Care Coordinator, Scott Sussman. Mr. Sussman is located at the Lyons, NJ VAMC campus and can be reached at 908-647-0180 x4425.