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Medical review FAQ

How long do I have to be seizure free before I can drive again?
NJAC 13:19-5.1 et. seq. requires that you be seizure free for six months before you may re-apply, however, all medical review cases are handled on an individual basis. You can contact the Medical Review Unit for further information.

If I am suspended for being medically unqualified to drive, how do I re-apply?
You can contact the Medical Review Unit and the appropriate forms will be sent to you. You will be contacted by mail on the outcome of our review.

Do I need to pay a restoration fee?
If you are only suspended for being Medically Unqualified, you will not have to pay a restoration fee, however, if you have a suspension for any other reason you will be required to pay the $100.00 restoration fee.

If I move out of state, do I have to continue to interval report?
No, however, you must provide the Medical Review Unit with proof of your new state of residency. Acceptable proof is a driver license from that state, copy of your lease or mortgage statement, or a utility (telephone, electric, etc.) bill.

If I have a recurrent seizure disorder, can I have a CDL?
According to Chapter 49 of the Commercial Federal Regulation (CFR) 391.41 and by authority of NJAC 13:21-14.5, a person is disqualified from driving a commercial motor vehicle if he/she has an established medical history or diagnosis of epilepsy or any other condition which is likely to cause loss of consciousness or loss of ability to control a commercial motor vehicle.

How do I apply for a Medical Exemption for Vehicle Sun-Screening Certificate?
You can download the application, or contact the Medical Review Unit and one will be mailed to you.

When can I request a hearing?
If you have been scheduled for suspension due to being medically unqualified, you may request a hearing in accordance with NJAC 13:19-1.1, specifying disputed materials and/or legal issues.

Why was I scheduled for a re-exam?
Different circumstances can lead to scheduling a driver for a re-exam. Some examples are: 2 chargeable accidents within a 6 month time period, a court order by a judge, recommendation from a physician or a rehabilitation facility, or recommendation from the MVC Medical Advisory Panel.

I need to re-schedule my re-exam. How do I do this?
You must request a re-schedule date in writing. Be sure to include you name, address and driver license number.