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Dave Weinstein
RELEASE: May 31, 2006

Digital Driver Licenses Reach 4 Million Mark
MVC adds another million to the DDL rolls

(TRENTON) – New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) Chief Administrator, Sharon A. Harrington, today announced that the Commission issued its four millionth Digital Driver License (DDL) earlier this month. The announcement marks another major milestone in MVC’s efforts to enhance security, improve customer service and upgrade technology throughout the organization.

Digital Driver License (DDL) number 4 million was issued on May 18, increasing the number of New Jersey motorists with the security enhanced ID to nearly 70 percent. MVC began issuing DDLs in January 2004.

"We've come a long way since our early plans to implement an effective digital driver license program in New Jersey," said Harrington. "Now that 4 million motorists with DDLs have gone through MVC's 6 Point ID Verification process, we are one step closer to ensuring that every legally entitled driver in this state is protected with secure identification."

New Jersey's DDL is among the country's most secure and is embedded with more than two dozen security features. Because it is issued through the secure 6 Point ID Verification process, motorists can be confident that their identities are being protected from ID theft.
Motorists who are due to renew their licenses in the coming year should be prepared to meet the requirements of the 6 Point ID Verification. It is vital that personal documents presented to MVC employees are up-to-date and accurate, as well as valid. The best way to do that, Harrington said, is to "visit MVC on the Web at www.njmvc.gov and use the interactive 6 Point ID Verification guide or read the 6 Point ID Verification brochure that motorists receive with their driver license renewal notification."
In addition to preparing in advance to meet 6 Point ID Verification requirements, for efficient visits, motorists should consider mid-week, mid-month trips to MVC Agencies.